Book a flight with United Airlines: Discover the available payment options

Depending on the booking offer chosen by the passenger, and depending on the order channel, payment with United Airlines (on its website or in its agencies) can be made either with:

– Alipay

Payment via the Alipay application is done by scanning a QR code. Either the passenger scans the merchant’s QR code or United Airlines scans the customer’s QR code. Once the transaction is accepted Alipay informs both parties.

– American Express

American Express is a credit card that can be described as high-end. Indeed, this card allows its holders to benefit from additional insurance, personalized partnerships and assistance. It is particularly common in the United States and is beginning to gain more and more importance in other countries around the world as the number of partnerships increases.

– Apple Pay

Take out your iPhone rather than your bank card to buy an item in store: it’s possible, simple and safe, provided your bank authorizes it. Here’s everything you need to know to use Apple Pay.

Watch, diary, alarm clock, device, landline phone, MP3 player, GPS: the list is long of the tools that the smartphone has replaced in our daily lives. Next on the list could be the bank card. Indeed, most recent smart phones can be used to pay for in-store purchases, thanks to contactless.

– Diners Club

Diners Club offers its members an extensive network of payment channels, allowing this process to be carried out anytime and from anywhere using the Diners Club app. This payment method is included in the list of payment options accepted by United Airlines.


Pay for a reservation of a United Airlines plane ticket or an additional baggage allowance, a meal or even an upgrade to a preferred seat in the cabin with a simple smile or a wave of the hand, without having to search for your phone or his credit card in his bag? This is what the American company offers its passengers through the biometric payment program launched by Mastercard.

– Paypal

PayPal is a service specializing in online, mobile and in-store payments. In particular, it allows you to pay online without using your bank card number and therefore limits the risk of theft of your payment data. This reliable payment option is included in the list of payment methods accepted by United Airlines.

– UnionPay

A bank transaction via a UnionPay payment card is no different from a transaction with a Visa or Mastercard. Simply insert the card or swipe it in the reader if it is a magnetic stripe card, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Whether booking a flight, a hotel room or renting a car from the United Airlines website, you only need to enter the card number for all transactions.

– Visa

With this famous card, you can pay for your reservations with United Airlines in one click. While noting that it is possible to make and settle payments in cash with the United States airline.

United Airlines remains the sole decision-maker, depending on the offers, to decide which means of payment are eligible. Online payments offered by third parties, such as travel agencies or booking sites, are their sole responsibility.

In case of refusal of the bank (or chosen payment system), the reservation will be automatically cancelled. For payments sent by post, the time taken to debit the account will vary depending on the processing time of the order by the subscription service. United informs its passengers that no bank details are kept.

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