How to select your seat on a United Airlines flight?

Choosing an airline seat on a United Airlines flight is easy. It is also true that choosing the most suitable seat can be quite a challenge. Because in addition to the ticket price, you have to take into account aspects such as food, entertainment and the ease of boarding and disembarking the plane, especially if you are making connecting flights.

To help you make a better decision regarding the choice of your seat, United Airlines provides its travelers with a tool to select a seat by giving them access to a real map of seats that are still free and available for reservation, in the different cabins.

When and how to choose a seat on a United Airlines flight?

The choice and selection of seats service is available whether you are traveling in Economy class, Business class (Polaris or Business) or in First class. It is accessible on the Section intended for Reservation Management on the United Airlines website, and must be used before the final validation of the flight check-in.

How much does this service cost? Fees to be paid to United Airlines to change a seat

Anxious to ensure transparency and clarity of its prices, United Airlines makes you discover the details of its pricing which varies according to the class of travel chosen:

In the Basic Economy cabin, where the seats are generally narrow, passengers are assigned seats chosen at random by the online reservation system. They can then change the seat assigned to them (to have another offering comfortable legroom, or a porthole chair).

The cost of the service starts from $10 for each seat selection and reservation attempt.

Passengers who are members of the MileagePlus loyalty program (Gold or Platinum) can choose their seat free of charge, or those with this equivalent in the Star Alliance program.

Which seat to choose when taking a United Airlines flight?

On a plane, the vast majority of travelers will have encountered an agitated passenger next to them, or those who recline their seat without thinking of those behind. Some like a seat by the window to take in the view. Others, on the other hand, prefer to be near the hallway, either out of superstition or pure comfort when going to the bathroom or stretching their legs.

The decision will logically depend on many factors, including the passenger’s physique and preferences. Most aircraft owned by the US airline have seats with more space in the emergency exit rows. Another option is front row seats, although United Airlines has screens.

If you are also one of those who want to avoid the transfer of people yes or yes and you like to lie down in your seat, avoid the seats in the back at all costs, because you will not be able to do this. In addition, you will find the toilet walks that the rest of the passengers can take.

What are the safest seats to choose on a plane?

The reasons for choosing a particular seat are multiple, however some go further and do not hesitate to select only those that are considered safer than others. If this is your case, do not worry, although in the event of an accident the danger multiplies exponentially, there are seats, strategically located, which are considered less dangerous.

These safest seats are those located at the rear of the plane, behind the wings, since according to experts they offer nearly a 70% chance of survival.

Seats for those in need of peace and space

To avoid the noise of the engines, which can quickly become unpleasant during a long-haul flight, there is only one solution: You must choose a seat at the head of the aircraft. The reactors being located at the level of the wings, it is at the front that we hear them the least.

Sit on a seat located in the middle of the device

If you are traveling alone, a seat is strongly discouraged, it is the one in the middle row. Not only will you be stuck between two strangers, but you will also have no room to stretch your legs and will have to get up for every trip to the bathroom of your neighbors.

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