Change or correct a name or date on a reservation with United Airlines: What is its policy and the fees applied?

Unpleasant situations like changing the name on a plane ticket issued by United Airlines are one of the most popular concerns at the airport inquiry service. Sometimes you cancel your trip and want to pass your ticket on to someone else so as not to lose all of your money.

Some wonder if it is possible to make someone travel with their ticket by changing their name or even modifying a badly written name.

When booking a flight ticket on the United Airlines website or on an online tour operator’s website, one must enter their full name (last name and first name) as they appear on the passport.

Change or correction of simple errors on surnames and first names

A flight change occurs when an airline like United Airlines allows customers to change their flights. This means that if you wish to change your flight to another day, you can do so, but this may incur a fee. The only thing you should be aware of is that there are certain limits on the number of times you can change your flight or the data you want to change, such as name.

Fortunately, the American airline authorizes the simple change or correction of first and last names free of charge and without the need to provide proof. For instance:

– Correct a spelling mistake: Daniels to Daniel (whether it is a first or last name)

– Correct a prefix (civility), For example: Miss, Mme, Mstr

– Possibility of adding or deleting a middle name

– Make a change to a location of two surnames / first names reversed when booking

In the cases mentioned above, the passenger will be able to modify and correct their errors online by logging into their MileagePlus account.

In case the passenger needs to make a material change

In other situations such as for example, a plane ticket reserved before signing the marriage certificate, for a young girl, it must bear the name of her husband, and therefore, she must modify her reservation. United Airlines authorizes it to do so, but in writing only. Likewise, in the case of a divorce decree, or legal name change.

A special document (in PDF) must be completed and signed by the passenger, with the necessary changes, before sending it to this address: MileagePlus Service Center, PO Box 1394, Houston, TX 77251-1394

In summary, The name change option allows you to change your name as it appears on your ticket. This means that if you are traveling under an assumed name or nickname, you can use this feature to change it to your real name. It is highly possible that you will be required to provide identification when requesting a name change.

Deadline for making changes to your surname/first name

It takes up to two weeks for this request to be processed, especially if the correction is important. It is therefore necessary to take precautions and avoid making mistakes when booking your flight ticket.

Change a departure date

A date change means that you want to change the day or month of your flight from one date to another. You may change your flight for a number of reasons such as: You are on a business trip and need to arrive at a destination earlier or later than originally planned; your trip has been extended due to unforeseen circumstances; you plan to attend a special event, …

In the case of the modification or change of a travel date on a United Airlines flight reservation already made and confirmed, you have the option of doing so online from the My Trip section.

Being a member of this airline’s rewards program, called MileagePlus, allows you to benefit from many advantages and flexibility if your travel plans change and you find yourself having to change your departure date.

What is sure and certain, and that as a passenger with a reservation with United Airlines, you can change your departure date free of charge and without conditions during the first 24 hours following your flight ticket purchase.

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