Canceling a flight ticket reservation: What is United Airlines policy?

Knowing the cancellation policy of an airline ticket such as United Airlines is to stay one step ahead by preparing for all possible scenarios in case you suddenly find yourself in an unpleasant situation: Canceling your flight at the last minute for personal reasons or simply reasons beyond your control (illness, accident at work, finding a job, etc.).

How do I cancel a flight booked with United Airlines?

For any passengers looking to know how to cancel a United flight? It’s very easy. He only needs to follow the next steps, but first choose whether he wants this procedure to be performed online or offline.

For travelers who are concerned that an operation carried out online will not lead to the desired result, they can then contact the customer service of the American airline directly and ask for assistance from a telephone agent.

– Submit a cancellation request to United Airlines online

For passengers preferring to use digital channels to inform their airline of the cancellation of their booking, they only need to go to and then log in to their passenger account via the My Trips section, using their booking reference. The last name must also be entered to be able to access the account. Then, the passenger must select his reservation and then request its deletion.

– Cancel a reservation by phone

A dynamic customer service is at your disposal to answer you at any time. You can contact him to make your reservations, but also to cancel them.

Due to a last-minute unforeseen event, your flight or stay abroad is cancelled. Already booked your flight with United Airlines? You do not know what to do to cancel this reservation on the platform. Know that it is quite possible to proceed with this action. There are several options available to you to do this. You can contact customer service by phone to do this.

You can report your cancellation to United Airlines. To do this, call an advisor at this number: 1-800-864-8331.

It is possible to request a refund of an amount of $50 or an amount equivalent to 10% of the amount paid for the reservation of a flight including taxes and administrative services, and this if you decide to waive your reservation fifteen days before departure.

Learn about United Airlines’ flight cancellation policy

If you purchased a ticket for a flight with United in the last 24 hours and have already booked travel with them at least seven days before the original departure date, they can let you cancel your reservation without charging you any fees.

Once the deletion is complete, if you are eligible for a refund, it will be credited back to your account within seven to fourteen business days.

You cannot change or cancel tickets purchased through Eco Fares, but if you buy them less than seven days before your original flight date, you can get a full refund. There is one exception, though: If you bought your ticket more than a week before your original flight date.

If you cancel a United Airlines flight before departure, you will receive a refund in the form of a travel credit. These vouchers can be used for future flights with this airline. These flight credits expire after a certain period of time.

This airline may offer you the option of receiving a credit or a refund. If you cancel part of your trip because the other part is already used, you are only entitled to a credit voucher in case you cancel your itinerary.

If you cancel a reservation of a refundable ticket, you receive your money in the payment method you chose when purchasing your flight ticket.

United Airlines flight ticket cancellation fees

For passengers who are members of the MileagePlus loyalty program, if their plane tickets are non-refundable, a fee will be applied to them after the cancellation of their flights, the amount of which changes according to their status in this program:

Period Statut (MileagePlus) Fees
Sixty-one days before departure Basic Status 75$
Silver Member 50$
Gold Member 25$
Platinum Member 0$
Less than sixty days before departure Basic Status 125$
Silver Member 100$
Gold Member 75$
Platinum Member 50$

Protect yourself against unexpected flight cancellations by taking out travel insurance

Certain vagaries of life may force you to cancel your vacation. In this case, travel cancellation insurance allows you to be covered under certain circumstances and thus anticipate unforeseen events. How does this travel cancellation insurance work, reasons for cancellation, what does it cover, when and how do I subscribe to it?

The principle is simple: when you book a flight with United Airlines, you can take out cancellation insurance. You can use it to cancel your trip if an event occurs after the purchase of the service and after the subscription of this insurance.

There is also a possibility to register by phone, at the following number: 1-877-934-8308

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