Book a flight online: Hundreds of travel deals are at your fingertips with just a click

United Airlines helps its customers by offering them various options for booking their flight tickets. The offers of the American airline are collected in one place, and can be filtered in two clicks according to several search criteria (date of departure and return, airport of departure and destination, number of passengers, …).

With the online booking tool integrated into the United Airlines website, you can search and book a flight with fees that suit your budget, all while lying in your chair.

Other booking services are available

On the United Airlines reservation portal, travelers can not only buy a ticket to anywhere in the world with just a few clicks, but also rent a car and book a hotel. A simple instruction will help you quickly understand the nuances of the system.

Complete the flight booking form

To purchase an e-ticket, you must first complete a search form, which only takes a few minutes to process. Select and mention in the form fields:

– Departure/arrival airport (destination);

– Travel class (Economy, Business, First);

– Press the button that launches the search.

The request is processed for a few seconds, after which the available flights, corresponding to the search data, appear on the page.

You should pay special attention to the information about free baggage, they are not always included in the fare. By the way, if you pay for your luggage with an online ticket, you can save money if you pay extra at the airport, it will be about twice as much.

After taking and booking a ticket on the official website of the American carrier, later it will be possible to improve your baggage allowance by purchasing weight supplements online or at the airport provided that this operation is carried out before validating the record.

For flights with transfers, it is important to specify whether an independent connection is planned and the need to change airport.

Usually, at the booking stage, a choice of the type of food on board is available, if provided for by the tariff plan.

Fill in passenger information

During this step, it is important not to make any mistakes when entering data. This is especially true when printing your name and surname in Latin. For many carriers, changes are made for a fee. If the passport and ticket data differ by at least one letter, then at the airport the passenger will simply not be put on the flight.

Choose a payment method

Visa, Mastercard and JCB credit cards are accepted for payment for flights booked with United Airlines. Everything is standard in the form that appears on the screen. It is therefore necessary to enter the data of the identity card such as first name, last name, expiry date, security code. In addition, the system works according to the developed scenario after entering the required data and contact details, the money is debited and after a certain time, a payment confirmation and an electronic ticket are sent to the e-mail.

When is the best time to find United Airlines flights at the best prices?

There are many tips for traveling cheap. Starting with the techniques for paying for a low-cost plane ticket. To do this, all you have to do is choose your day well to book your tickets. Find out when is the best day to book a cheaper plane ticket.

Want to travel far? Whether for a weekend or a two-week vacation, there is no shortage of destinations to discover. Lisbon, Rome, New York, Bali, Boston, Istanbul, Sydney, London or Paris. Where are you going? To start, you will have to buy your plane tickets. And good news, to pay less, all you have to do is choose your day well to make your reservations.

– When should you book your plane tickets to pay less?

As we know, the price of plane tickets fluctuates enormously according to the periods, the destination, the airlines… but also according to the day of the reservation. Indeed, there is a specific day during which plane tickets are cheaper. Generally, to travel cheap, you should book your plane tickets on Thursday.

To travel cheaply, there are other tricks. First of all, choose your period of departure carefully: public holidays and school holidays are always more expensive than the average. Reservations increase at this time, logically driving up ticket prices.

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