Payment methods available for online booking of Spirit Airlines flights

When it’s time to take action and finalize the purchase of a plane ticket, the trouble begins when it comes to entering your bank card type. MasterCard, Visa, … To book a Spirit Airlines flight ticket online, you need a payment method accepted by Spirit. The following guide lists the most common payment methods accepted on the American company’s website or mobile application:

– Mastercard

Mastercard can be used for online booking of Spirit Airlines flights. This credit card is also widely accepted in the United States, Europe and other continents of the globe.
You have the choice between different ranges of bank cards: withdrawal card, card with systematic authorization, classic card, high-end card, … The objective of the international network is to address all profiles: teenagers, bank bans, people with high or even very high incomes. What is certain is that all these cards are eligible for the payment of Spirit Airlines flight reservations including the payment of other services offered by the low cost airline.

– Maestro

Integrated into the MasterCard network, the Maestro card is international. For your payments with Spirit Airlines, you can use the Maestro card in the United States as well as abroad. It systematically consults the balance of your account before payment.

As soon as you use the Maestro card to validate your Spirit Airlines plane ticket reservation payment, whether online or at an agency or ticket office, a payment authorization request is sent to your bank. This operation aims to know if your balance allows you to make your purchase. Your risk of being overdrawn is then limited.


VISA, this international bank card is very useful for paying your flight reservation costs. It also gives you access to discounts, exclusive benefits and high value-added services offered by Spirit Airlines.
We can say that this card is an indispensable companion of the holidays. The VISA card is the object not to forget when you leave. It is used to pay obviously, everywhere in the world, including in the most distant destinations served by Spirit Airlines. It also often offers welcome protection when travelling: coverage of your civil liability abroad, insurance against hazards, especially if you have a top-of-the-range card protecting you in the event of cancellation of flight.

– American Express

American Express cards are among the most popular payment methods in the world, and for good reason. With a variety of credit card options to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs and budget. What is safe, and that this payment method is accepted by Spirit Airlines.

If you have an American Express card, there are several ways to use it to pay for flights offered by the low-cost airline in the United States. You can pay online using the airline’s website or mobile app. If you prefer to pay over the phone, you can call customer service at 855.72.83.555.

When you use your card to purchase flights, you earn points for free flights and other benefits. Depending on how much you spend on each trip, you may receive miles or a discount on the flight ticket fare.

American Express stands out from other leaders in the field of bank cards thanks to some interesting features. This means of payment allows you, for example, to take advantage of various additional services offered by the partner travel agencies of your air operator. American Express certainly offers you quality service as well as several advantages.

– Discover

If you have a Discover credit card, you can use it to make secure payments with Spirit Airlines. Discover offers its customers the same benefits as its Visa and Mastercard counterparts.

– ACH Debit (E-Checks)

With this payment method, you can make secure transactions in the Spirit Airlines booking platform and you will receive a message confirming that your payment transaction has been carried out successfully as soon as it is validated.

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