Choosing a seat online on a Spirit Airlines flight: What are the fees to be paid?

The ideal location of your seat depends on several factors and the fear of flying. Spirit Airlines gives you the chance to book another seat if the one assigned to you during booking does not suit your requirements. For this you have two solutions: Online on My Trips or by phone or at the airport before validating the check-in. Seat selection fees start from $5.

– Choose your seat 24 hours before departure

In Spirit Airlines Web Site, you must go to My Trips to add or modify your seat choice.

– Book a seat less than 24 hours before departure

The process in this case must be carried out in the Registration section. This service closes up to 90 minutes before departure.

Select the seats that match your comfort needs

When it comes to flying, there is always a good time to book your tickets and to arrive at the airport.

Which seat on a Spirit Airlines plane is the best? Just as there are different types of travel for pleasure, work or health, for example, there are also different types of travelers.

Besides the differences, there is a first thought on which almost everyone agrees: emergency exit places are at the top of the elections, because they provide more space to stretch your legs.

What follows is a personal reflection rather than a conclusion of a scientific study. Whenever it is available, many passengers choose the window option, because on the one hand they offer more sleeping comfort and on the other hand they ensure a better view.

Sitting on the side of the window allows you to rest your head there and offers the possibility of better rest. On the other hand, both uphill and downhill, unparalleled panoramic views can be obtained.

It must be recognized that just as there are advantages, there are also disadvantages, which in turn are defended by those who prefer the aisle. It’s that sitting on the side of the window means that, if you want to go to the toilet, you have to disturb two people, instead of having a quick exit.

Sitting on the aisle side makes it possible to move around the plane more quickly. Not only during the flight, but also when exiting the plane, for reasons of common sense.

Plus, by having one of the most unobstructed sides, these seats allow you to stretch your legs more, a real advantage on long journeys.

In addition to the window or aisle debate, different international studies have produced different thoughts regarding locations inside the aircraft.

One of the conclusions is that the most stable seats are those which are in the axis of the wings, because the longitudinal, transverse and vertical axes of the plane are linked to them.

Another, related to noise pollution inside the aircraft, is that the front seats are the least noisy, because the noise of the engines is not perceived as intensely. The reverse happens at the rear.

Curiously, seat number 6 located in region A is the most chosen by travelers, while seat number 31 located in region E is the least popular.

– Pick a seat in the aisle at the back of the plane, behind the wings

Passengers seated in seats behind the wings not on the wings have a higher survival rate in the event of incidents. Choosing the corridor means that you will be able to leave the plane faster in case of emergency and evacuation of the plane.

– What seat to close your eyes during the flight?

To sleep, choose a seat next to the window on the left side of the aircraft, near the middle of the aircraft

People who travel often say that the windows on the left side are more pleasant to lay their heads. The seat in the middle row also ensures that you won’t be bothered by people queuing for the bathroom or the characteristic noises of the fuselage.

– Here is the perfect seat to leave your hand luggage with you

To place your suitcases in the cabin, choose a seat at the back of the plane

Spirit Airlines follows a procedure of loading the aircraft from the back to the front, so if you are seated in the back your hand luggage will be placed first in the cabin.

– Best seat for getting off the plane quickly

To get out of the plane quickly, take a seat on the left side, at the front. Here we are talking about the moment of disembarkation, so it is logical that, in most planes, those who are seated in the front exit first. The main door is almost always on the left side, so passengers tend to exit faster from that side of the aircraft.

– Seats for tall passengers

To stretch your legs, choose a seat in the aisle, next to the exit. Seating just behind the bulkheads can be tempting, but keep in mind that some of these bulkheads don’t take up the full height of the cabin.

– What seats for passengers traveling with their children?

For children, it is better to take a seat just behind the partitions. It’s simple: most seats behind partitions leave more room for children to move around and sit on the floor, if permitted.

The toilets are also closer to the places located next to the partitions. Some of them have cribs for babies. Plus, the fact that there’s no one in front of you means you’ll bother 50% fewer neighbors.

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