Modifying or changing the name on a flight ticket reservation: Spirit Airlines imposes its own rules

You can change the name of an airline ticket booked with Spirit Airlines. Changing the name on a plane ticket is more common than it seems. In some cases, this is usually due to an error on the part of the traveler when filling in the information requested for the purchase of the tickets.

In other cases, and this is very important, the tickets are purchased through a website independent of the airline, which may generate an error in one of the steps prior to the purchase. One of these steps corresponds to providing the passenger’s first and last name.

You don’t want to be punished by a spelling mistake. There should be other compelling reasons that won’t let you fly, but a mistake in the name? We don’t want this to happen to you. Although such a problem is delicate, it is possible to solve them, especially if you take a Spirit Airlines flight where you give yourself maximum flexibility.

Whether it is to correct simple spelling errors or to completely change a name on the reservation, it is always recommended to call the customer service of the American company, and that you can reach it at this number: 1.855-7.283.555, and it is up to the agents of Spirit Airlines to take care of the modification or change of your name knowing that the following supporting documents may be required: Marriage License, Court Order, Divorce Decree, Legal Name Change Document

While it is true that a handful of airlines can make you change your name, there are others who do not accept such a change in their policies. Also, companies like Spirit Airlines, where you can change your name on the ticket (either because it’s spelled wrong or because you can’t travel and want to transfer it to someone else) classify different prices into depending on all kinds of variables that a flight can include: origin, destination, place or date of booking.

– Charges applied by Spirit Airlines

While it is true that you can contact the airline to try to resolve your problem, it is important to bear in mind that a change of name of the reservation can be made up to two hours before the flight, but fees may apply, calculated based on your itinerary or the period during which you intervened to correct or change the name.

Simple misspellings are generally free, while full name changes may incur a fee. Contact the airline to know the price of the service which can change according to the case.

Despite the flexibility it offers you Spirit Airlines, it is always recommended for you to pay particular attention when entering your personal data with this airline, as failure to do so could lead the company to refuse you the right to board and to remain on the ground.

– Change date and other data

When booking your Spirit Airlines flight for the first time, you are asked to choose a departure date, but Spirit Airlines knows that the unexpected can happen that prevents you from starting your trip as you planned, it allows you thus to postpone your trip by choosing a date. The service is usually free, but the price of the plane ticket booked in the new date may change, forcing you to pay the difference in price.

If you make the modification during the same period of your initial reservation, you generally do not incur any additional costs. The service remains free up to seven days before departure.

Changing the gender, or civility (Sir, Madam, Miss, …) is also possible, whether online on My Trips Account or offline by contacting by telephone an agent of the reservation service of Spirit Airlines.

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