Spirit Airlines award ticket reservations: Number of miles requested

When you fly with Spirit Airlines, you should know that there are two ways to earn miles knowing that you must already be a member of its Free Spirit frequent flyer program:

Take Flights: Miles are accrued only for flights flown on scheduled flights at fares that provide for mileage accumulation.

Purchasing services from Spirit Airlines and its partners: The airline works with hundreds of partners in various business areas such as banks, car rental, home and building goods, household appliances, toys and children’s clothing, fashion and accessory shops, restaurants and cafes, hotels and resorts, …

Buy award tickets: Way to spend miles with Spirit Airlines

Any product or service that can be purchased with miles is called. The minimum cost is 5000 miles. You can calculate it in a special miles calculator.

Each quota of 5500 points costs $63.39 while each quota of 16,000 points is charged at 16,000 points.

Earning miles from award tickets?

In general, reward tickets do not earn frequent flyer miles because they are paid for with miles, in the same way that you do not earn hotel points when you redeem points during a reward stay.

Book a award ticket flight with Free Spirit miles step by step

Many passengers ask how to make a reservation with miles points in Free Spirit. Indeed, each passenger wishing to use their miles and transfer them to free flight reservations, they only have to go to Spirit.com then identify themselves to their account. member using an email and a password.

Book an award ticket? It should not be confused with the possibility of using miles to obtain a discount on your flight.

First of all, you should know that it is essential to have a Free Spirit account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register online. Once on the Spirit.com site, go to the upper right corner to log in to your Free Spirit account.

Search seat availability to book with miles

Once logged in, you have three options to access the Spirit Airlines flight booking search engine: shortest, shortest and longest.

If you are already logged in, you will be automatically redirected to the flight search engine. If you are not logged in, the website will ask for your Spirit Airlines credentials.

Alternatively, you can book your award ticket in other ways. When searching for a flight, you can check a box that says Pay with Miles. If you enter origin and destination and dates, check this box and click search, it will automatically take you to the flight booking search engine with miles.

When you enter your origin, destination and desired dates, and click search, the search engine will show you available seats that you can book using your miles.

Once you have chosen your flight and fare, Free Spirit displays the payment options available: Payment with miles only, or Miles + Cash. Then, your personal data will be displayed and you can correct them or reserve for a beneficiary and his companions. On the last page, you can finalize the payment of your reservation.

If everything went well, you will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation of a plane ticket with Free Spirit miles.

Cancellation of an award ticket with Spirit Airlines?

Each program has its own rules, conditions and reimbursement tables, which is confusing. You can also take advantage of it, and in the best case take advantage of it, to book miles in the most suitable program.

Being an airline offering the best flexibility to its travellers, Spirit Airlines gives its passengers the right to change their flights booked with miles points even one hour before departure, allowing them to change the date of their departure, the destination , stopover airport, …

If you ever decide to cancel your reservation, you can do so by calling customer service at 1.855.728.555, and the same applies if you want to change your award ticket reservation.

Request an award ticket refund

In order to refund your miles or your money if you have combined miles&cash to buy a flight ticket, you should know that Spirit Airlines accept requests for reimbursement submitted from seven days or more before departure, and must be in the same times made within a maximum of 24 hours from the time of the initial reservation.

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