Choose your seat on a Southwest Airlines flight

A seat selection service is available from Southwest Airlines. To choose a seat, you are entitled between two methods: Online (in manage reservation section), at the airport. It is essential that this procedure be completed before the validation of the registration.

The American company offers you the possibility of viewing the best seats on your flight. An indispensable tool for all travelers.

Southwest Airlines offers you the possibility of reserving your seat in advance. Take this opportunity to choose the chair in which you travel by plane.

Does Southwest Airlines charge fees for seat choice and selection?

Each passenger who wants to take a Southwest Airlines flight has the right to choose their seat, knowing that the service is not free for certain passengers such as Rapid Rewards members with the highest statuses in the rewards program.

For passengers traveling with a base fare, they must pay a fee of $30 to $40.

Choose the seats at the head of the rows, in the middle of the aircraft or in front of the bulkhead, … Southwest Airlines gives you access to the virtual seating plan, corresponding to that of the aircraft that the airline will operate on your next connection . You can thus consult the seats which are still free in order to select yours.

Where to sit on a plane: Which seat is right for you?

If you choose the seats at the head of the rows, you will generally have more legroom.

If you then choose the seats located near the emergency exits, the front is generally unobstructed. On the other hand, your location will require you to be possibly mobile and reactive in the event of an incident.

If you suffer from motion sickness, sit near the wings, this is where the turbulence is least felt. But the proximity of the reactors makes these places noisier.

If you are traveling in a jumbo jet, it is preferable that you choose your seat on the upper deck: they are more spacious there.

If you are afraid of flying or you are superstitious, choose the seats at the back of the aircraft, they have the reputation of being the safest in the event of an accident. Conversely, these seats are the only ones that cannot be lowered, so comfort is less.

If you get up a lot during flights, opt for an aisle seat rather than a window seat. This will prevent your row neighbors from getting up.

If you like to take photos from the window, then opt for seats in the front or rear of the aircraft, the wings do not obstruct your view.

Sitting on the border of two classes may seem like a good idea since the seats there offer more room. But you will usually be located close to the toilets and the kitchen, which means a lot of traffic and food smells.

Seats located in front of bulkheads

These places allow you to have room for your legs, but you should know that families, with children, are often installed in this place. By choosing these seats, you are likely to hear crying and screaming for a good part of your trip. At your own risk, especially for the health of your nerves and your eardrums for a long haul.

Seats located at the front, rear or in the middle of the device?

It is said that choosing a seat in the back increases your chances of surviving a plane crash. However, the flight is less pleasant there because you feel more jolts and are the last to leave the aircraft.

Standing in the middle is much more pleasant, because you are not likely to feel the turbulence. But the tank is not far away, so these are the worst places in the event of a fire, for example.

If you are at the front of the plane, you will be able to get out first and hear the engines less. But these places are often reserved for the first classes.

For many passengers, the best seat is the most secure. It is the one at the level of the emergency exits and as much as possible of the families.

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