Manage the booking of Southwest Airlines flights online

Southwest offers advantageous rates to all destinations in the world from various airports in the United States. Whether you are traveling for business or for tourism, the American company offers a wide range of airfares to suit most budgets. To find out which fare suits you best, just enter your destination and you can make a reservation in seconds, from any connected device.

However, plans can change, and you will suddenly be forced to make a difficult and urgent decision, postpone your trip with Southwest or cancel it.

The purchase of a ticket on the site or in the various mobile applications implies the formalization of a transport contract.

Manage Booking: A section to schedule, modify or cancel your Southwest Airlines booking online

Nevertheless, the American carrier offers you certain flexibility by allowing you to modify your departure date, your name if it is incorrect, and any other data in your reservation.

The Manage my reservation section on is used to manage your reservations, check seat availability and make changes to your reservations such as change of departure date, destination, airports, number of passengers, …

To use this service, you need a valid username and password. The username is your full name while the password is your booking reference.

In this space, you can also book additional baggage whether you have baggage included or have a fare without baggage. You can check your baggage allowance and check if there is an additional baggage limit for your flight. Changes to priority boarding service are permitted when the airfare paid by the customer allows for changes.

Check your reservation and complete the online review, choose the seats for your flight, add extra baggage or take out your travel insurance to travel more peacefully. The company also offers a voucher to passengers in case they do not know when to travel.

If you experience any issues or find that changing your reservation is not possible online, you have only one option: Call Southwest Customer Service at: 80.0435.97.92. An agent will ask you to give them your reservation number and they will take care of the rest of the procedure.

Changing your flight reservation will incur costs

Changes to departure dates or flight changes are possible, but incur costs:

$75 for travel date changes;

$150 for booking a new flight after the cancellation of the original ticket.

– Change your Southwest Airlines flight ticket reservation for free

The modification of all the data and information prescribed in a Southwest flight reservation is completely free of charge if you do so less than 24 hours before departure.

Also, the American company does not charge you any fees if you decide to take your flight on a later date within a maximum period of one week after the date of travel initially chosen, and that your new flight takes place after fourteen days from of the date chosen for the initial flight reservation.

The Manage Booking section can also be used to choose and select seats on board the flight. You can do this by clicking the Select Seats button in the upper right corner of the page. This will open a list of all available seat types on the plane. Click on the type of seat you want to travel on during the flight and then add it to your other reservation data in one click.

You can now follow the rest of the reservation process as usual. When you are done selecting your options, simply click “Confirm”. Your reservation request will then be validated (after payment) and you will receive your new electronic plane ticket after a few minutes.

It is possible to log in to your Manage Booking account to cancel a reservation. It can be done with one click.

Name change per Southwest Airlines policy

Changes made to correct a surname/first name entered incorrectly on a reservation with Southwest Airlines are free of charge. On the other hand, complete name changes are chargeable (fees between $100 and $150 apply).

Entire name changes are allowed provided you prove that the transaction is not to transfer the plane ticket to another but rather, you made this decision because you got married after booking your flight and your name has changed, or you have divorced, …

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