Manage My Booking: A service to change your JetBlue flight at any time

Did you book a flight with JetBlue? You had an impediment and you want to postpone your reservation or cancel it completely?

As is the case for managing your reservations, JetBlue allows its travelers to manage their reservation on its website without having to travel.

The American airline allows you to manage online reservations without having to travel. Each customer has simple and easy access to their trips to follow their reservations in real time, modify them, add baggage, cancel an option, etc.

On the JetBlue website and on its mobile application, you have an all-in-one digital mobility service to simplify all trips.

As an air passenger, you can find, book and manage your flight reservations. You have the possibility to make a reservation and modify it later if necessary by changing your name, first name, date of travel, place of departure, destination, …

This practical solution offered by JetBlue is part of the American airline’s traveler services strategy to make life easier for travellers.

JetBlue allows all travelers to find the best of and new features to plan all short and long distance journeys with:

– Planning, purchase and exchange of air tickets;

– Choice of the best route anywhere in the world

– Traffic information and alerts in real time;

Purchase and renewal of cards and regional subscriptions.

This service has been designed and designed to simplify air travel at every stage. Is it possible to change airline reservations online? All you have to do is enter your information and click submit, then wait for an email confirming your changes.

To change a flight reservation, first select the itinerary you want to change. Then enter the new date and time in the Date/Time field. You can also view all available flights by clicking View Flights.

Manage and change your JetBlue flight ticket reservations online

To connect to your customer area, simply follow the following procedure:

– Go to the official website of your airline

– Go to the “Manage Trips” section then click on the “Continue” button and this after having entered your last name and your confirmation code (which is your booking reference).

Service fee: How much does it cost to change a reservation with JetBlue?

The next step is to enter the number of passengers traveling and their names (if any). Click Continue to proceed to the Payment screen. If you make a payment or change your credit card, please note that there is a $100 fee per transaction and can add up to $200 depending on the rate.

$100: for reservations made with Blue Base fares when traveling to/from the United States, Caribbean, Mexico or Central America.

$200: if you take flights from/to other destinations

If your flight has been booked with the Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra or Mint fare, you only pay the difference in price between the first and the new booking if there is one.

If you prefer to change your reservation by phone, you must pay an additional $25 fee.

Cancel your reservation online

In some cases, you are faced with a difficult choice: to cancel the flight ticket reservation. Obtain a refund or no reset depending on the general conditions of the ticket booked and the airline.

To cancel your reservation, you must contact customer service or directly online by going to the My Trips section.

You can change your reservation at any time provided that the ticket price allows you. For example, if you have booked a discounted flight, the ticket cannot be changed. You must, however, call the airline directly (reachable at 1800.53.825.83) to find an adequate solution to your problem.

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