Choosing your seat on a JetBlue plane: How and how much does this service cost?

For travelers taking short or medium-haul flights, they remain seated in the plane between two and four hours only. But on a transatlantic flight, which easily lasts eight or even eleven hours, passengers have to look for the best place to sit.

Where is the best place to sit on a JetBlue aircraft? Many travelers prefer the front rows, where they can disembark the fastest. Others reserve the emergency exit seats for more legroom.

Whether on the JetBlue Airways website or via the low-cost airline’s mobile application, it is possible to select seats online. This service is convenient for passengers traveling in Economy class.

The choice and selection of seats can be done online in just two steps:

– Go to then point your cursor to Manage My Trips;

– Choose your seat and validate it in one click.

Where to sit on the plane?

In addition to the legroom or the statistically safest seat, something else is important, especially on long-haul journeys, namely the quietest seat. The further you sit in front of the wings and engines, the better. You can think of it like this: the sound exits rearward, so the noise is concentrated at the end of the plane. It is also noisier at the emergency exit because the doors are much less insulated.

If you don’t care about the volume on the plane, you can also try to find the statistically safest seat. Seats around the emergency exit are the safest, as the exit can be reached more quickly in the event of an emergency or forced landing. As a result, you have the best chance of getting off the plane quickly in the forward area near the exit.

Where to sit if you’re afraid to fly?

Anyone afraid of flying should secure a seat directly above the wings. Vibrations are least felt here. If these seats have already been reserved by other travelers, those who are afraid should sit in the front part of the plane. Turbulence is less noticeable there than at the rear.

In addition to choosing the right seat according to your needs, there are small tips that will help you travel more comfortably by plane, such as:

– Being a tall passenger

If you travel often and with the same company, sign up for the loyalty program which offers many advantages, including the possibility of having a free upgrade or choosing the best seats;

– Board last

Those who board last have a great advantage: once all the other passengers are seated, it is possible to check if there are any empty lines and change seats at the last moment;

– Buy seats with more legroom

JetBlue offers the option of selecting seats that offer more legroom for a small additional charge;

– Choose a seat next to an empty center chair

The most uncomfortable center seats are reserved last, so whether you prefer a window or aisle seat, choose it in a row where there is only one empty center seat left: this is more likely than the seat central remains empty and you will have more space

– Emergency exit or partitions

Seats near emergency exits certainly offer more space to stretch their legs and are also the safest as they are obviously closer to the exit, although those who sit in these seats must be able to cooperate with staff in case of emergency. In addition, while in the other seats the space is reduced when the front passenger lowers the backrest, here there is no passenger sitting in front, you do not have this problem, but at the same time it is necessary point out that seats near emergency exits often do not fully recline; having no armchair in front, the television screen and the coffee table are generally placed in the armrest of the seat and this reduces the width of the seat.

It is not possible to keep an object in the area in front of the passenger’s feet for the duration of the trip. As for the seats located in front of the partitions, a similar argument applies: by choosing these seats you will not have anyone sitting in front of you and this implies greater freedom of movement, but there are the same disadvantages as the seats located near the emergency exits.

From the point of view of tranquility, these two types are certainly not the best: the seats near the emergency exit, having more space, are often the meeting point for passengers who get up to stretch their legs a little legs and chat, while the armchairs in front of the partitions are usually reserved for families with young children who have a special space here where to place the beds.

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