What are the correction and name change possibilities on JetBlue Airways flights?

Have a plane ticket issued by JetBlue that you won’t be able to use? Well, you are surely wondering if it is possible to change or change the name of the holder of the plane ticket to resell it or leave it to another person, it is a question of recovering the money of your ticket plane if you’re not going to be able to use it. This way you wouldn’t lose any money.

Change the name of the owner of your plane ticket to transfer it to another

Changing the name of the holder of an airline ticket was impossible. Airline controls are very strict and it was a real nightmare trying to change something that had to do with an airline issued ticket. However, we know that more and more people are flying: thanks to low-cost services such as those offered by JetBlue and the democratization of the service that has taken place in recent decades, it is now easier to use this means of transport in many countries of the world.

That’s why, in a way, they are changing the rules of the game with plane tickets. Today, an airline like JetBlue allows you to modify the ticket data or change the ticket. Of course, these operations are not standardized.

The change of ownership of an airline ticket cannot be done free of charge. Once the airline authorizes the change of name of the traveler on a plane ticket, it is possible to resell it to another passenger and to be refunded, but first, you must settle the expenses.

In order to offer maximum flexibility and benefits to all its passengers. JetBlue Airways allows its passengers to change or correct their names on their flight reservations free of charge.

The change of a name or its rectification may incur fees

After each reservation, customers of the American low-cost airline have the option of changing their names once free of charge.

So, after the first time, corrections and name changes are subject to fees that vary between $100 and $200 for each change made, depending on the flight route.

For simple name corrections, for example, replacing two or three characters on the name entered when booking an airline ticket, JetBlue does not charge any fees for the first time, and the correction can be made online at My Trips.

However, when it comes to a full name change, not only that a fee may be charged, but the passenger should call customer service to seek the possibility of making this change to their booking.

If for some reason you find yourself in the need to change the name of the plane ticket, either because you made a mistake when purchasing it, or because for some reason you cannot finally use it and that you want to get your money back by reselling it to another person, the two main answers you need to know are if this modification can be done and once it is done how could you sell it to recover the economic amount of the purchase of the plane ticket.

Currently allow you to change the name of the plane ticket, in some cases and depending on the characteristics of the ticket, this change may even be free, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

JetBlue agrees to make this renaming of the ticket, whether it is an error or if the reason is that you cannot use it and want to get your money back by selling it and then changing the name of the note in favor of the new owner.

Change of departure date policy

Otherwise, if you wish to change the departure date, in this case you are obliged to check the fare conditions of your reservation, and it is best to call customer service to obtain the best solution to your concern.

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