How many miles for booking award tickets with JetBlue Airways?

TrueBlue is JetBlue’s airline loyalty program through which members can earn Elite benefits on all eligible JetBlue tickets purchased through, and turn them into services (priority boarding, free baggage, upgrades, lounge access at the airport, …) or even free plane tickets.

The flight ticket booking service with TrueBlue miles points is available to passengers of different age categories. Even little travelers under the age of thirteen have access to this service.

To buy an airline ticket with miles, you need a certain minimum number of miles as part of your participation in the True Blue program.

Award tickets are cheaper than normal tickets because they do not include the cost of the ticket itself. You can usually only book them online and must pay for them in full at the time of booking.

Use the miles you manage to earn with ed JetBlue Airways to purchase award travel.

If you want to buy an award ticket with miles, go directly to the US airline’s website or open the mobile application, then log into your Frequent Flyer account, and complete your award ticket purchase in a matter of seconds. minutes.

JetBlue offers award tickets to travel on its various routes and airlines. When booking award travel, it’s important to consider these additional costs so you can budget accordingly.

Exchanging mile points for airline tickets is also possible on flights operated by JetBlue partner airlines, such as Hawaiian Airlines. You can plan your reservations directly from your TrueBlue membership account.

Redeem Miles for JetBlue, domestic and international flights

With the ability to earn miles, there’s no better way to fly than with JetBlue Airways by operating it. Whether you are looking to fly domestically or internationally, the airline has hundreds of destinations spanning hundreds of cities around the world. And now you can plan your trip online using your miles points.

Reward airline tickets are not the only ones you can obtain by exploiting your miles points, JetBlue also gives you the possibility of transforming them into discount vouchers to be used in the JetBlue Vacations program by organizing stays and travel circuits by combining the flight reservation with the rental of hotel rooms.

How many miles for the purchase and reservation of your award ticket?

To book an award ticket, you must have enough miles. You can get your flight ticket with a minimum of 500 miles.

The conversion of miles into award tickets is an operation carried out by the American carrier.

When booking award travel, it’s important to consider these additional costs so you can budget accordingly. Taxes and booking fees can range from $5 to $170, depending on the itinerary chosen.

When searching for an award ticket, and after finding one that suits you, you go to its payment and this is where two options appear:

– Buy with miles True Blue

– Buy with Miles+Cash

JetBlue allows you to pay for part of your award ticket with miles, while you could pay for the remaining amount using cash or by paying using your credit card.

How much does an JetBlue award flight ticket cost?

First of all, it should be noted that JetBlue flights are priced according to the class of travel, so if you plan to have a flight ticket using your miles, you should know that the total number of miles to be used varies according to the class chosen.

Otherwise, regarding the cost of an airline ticket in TrueBlue miles, each point costs 1.3 cents, so a ticket that costs $600 requires 44,691 points to purchase.

Reserve an Even More Space seat using True Blue miles?

This possibility exists, but for the reservation of this seat which offers additional space for the legs, the passenger does not have the right to settle all the payment with miles only, part of the amount must be paid in cash.

Cancellation of a JetBlue award ticket reservation

If you decide to cancel your award ticket reservation, you will recover your miles points, and if you paid for part of your ticket in cash, you will recover it in the form of a credit voucher. However, changes to award ticket reservations are not permitted.

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