View and manage Hawaiian Airlines flight booking online

To book a flight with Hawaiian Airlines, you need to go to the US airline’s website. Whereas if you have already booked your flight, and you wish to modify or postpone it, please go to the website of this airline operator and log in to your passenger account using your flight reservation number is allocated to you after the purchase of your plane ticket.

If you have already booked your ticket but need to make changes before departure, simply select the date and time of your trip, then choose “Change” from the drop-down menu under Manage Flight.

Changing a departure date or canceling a Hawaiian Airlines flight

At, it’s easy to change or cancel a reservation at no charge. It is also easy to benefit from a refund or to change the date of the stay if the owner has canceled your reservation.

Whether you have a force majeure situation or the host has canceled your reservation, we show you in this tutorial how to modify your reservation with the Hawaiian company.

– What are the estimated costs?

Several force majeure situations force travelers to modify their reservations on These conditions may include cases of illness, work accident and several other cases of force majeure. In all these cases, modification and cancellation are free of charge.

You can change your departure date free of charge or cancel your reservation free of charge, if you decide to give it up less than twenty-four hours after the flight purchase, and you receive a full refund after seven days from the date submitting your application. You can request a refund for the unused portion of your ticket.

When changing a date of stay, you unfortunately cannot change the booking conditions. That is to say, if your initial reservation is non-refundable, it is quite possible that you cannot opt for a new refundable reservation.

Hawaiian Airlines does not charge a ticket change fee, but after changing a travel date or destination, the price of the new reservation may change and the passenger must pay the fare difference.

Please note that it is only possible to change the date of your reservation if the new price is greater than or equal to the initial price. Of course, it is possible to reduce the duration of the stay if the total amount is greater than or identical to the initial amount.

In the event that the change of the reservation leads to an increase in the price, you will be charged this amount directly after applying the change. You must therefore settle the payment by the same credit card that you used to settle the payment of your initial reservation. If payment is not made under these conditions, the reservation will be considered canceled.

– Remove a passenger from a booking

This is possible if the passenger no longer wants to take the flight under your reservation. Simply contact customer service to confirm the cancellation and change to your reservation.

The airline authorizes the legal change of names (marriage or divorce for example) or the correction of spelling errors made on the surnames/first names when booking the flight.

Changing passenger name: Possible or not?

Change the passenger’s surname or first name or middle name. Changing the gender or date of birth, removing or adding a new traveler to the reservation, all these modifications can be applied free of charge if the flight is actually booked on the Hawaiian Airlines website or in one of its agencies or ticket offices. On the other hand, if the reservation is made by a third party, a fee of $25 is applied.

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