Hawaiian Airlines Name and date change policy on flight booking

Having a Hawaiian Airlines plane ticket with the wrong name is having a flight ticket you couldn’t use.

Due to an error made when booking your Hawaiian Airlines flight online, the first or last name displayed on your e-ticket may not be similar to the one on your reservation. This dispute may simply deprive you of your right to board your next flight with the American company.

You may have recently changed your name because you got married, or you got your old name back because you got divorced, or you changed your name for other reasons. These are situations that require you to contact your airline to seek a quick solution to your problem, especially if you plan to take your Hawaiian Airlines flight soon.

If you are a passenger who has already purchased tickets for a flight with Hawaiian Airlines, but in the end you cannot go, you made a mistake when writing it or there is an error, you can contact the airline or go to My Trips (in the Hawaiian Airlines website or mobile app) to resolve your dispute.

Procedure and fees for correction or name change on Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations

Correct a first name/surname? You don’t need to cancel your flight, you just need to modify it, but be aware that a fee is applied (up to $25) to be able to take advantage of this service.

You can take advantage of this possibility and use this service to change the name of your ticket and also if you want to change the name of the person traveling with the same ticket as you.

Can we change a name on a ticket, you need to contact the airline direct for this. Call the web support center on 1-866-586-9419.

Name change and flight cancellation penalties may be non-refundable or allow no change.

Change their name within the first 24 hours

During this period (24 hours following the initial purchase of the flight), you are normally authorized to correct any errors made in your reservation, including the change or correction of name, because the reservation would not yet be validated, and the most important thing is that any changes made to your reservation during this period are free of charge.

Change or modify other reservation data

The error identified on a flight reservation is not necessarily linked to the passenger’s first or last name, but to other data such as the departure date for the outward or return flight or other data.

If you already have a scheduled flight and want to change the flight date on Hawaiian Airlines, you can make both the destination and route change.

These kinds of errors can be corrected online, on the My Trips page. No fee is charged by Hawaiian Airlines but the passenger must pay the difference in price if when changing his reservation, there will be no seats available for him, and will therefore be obliged to rebook his flight ticket.

In any case, Hawaiian Airlines flight policies are strict regarding ticket changes, so the following points should be considered:

– If the passenger changes the date of the flight within the hour before departure, the American company may apply a date change fee.

– It is permitted to change the date of the flight before the departure time only in the event of a justified problem or medical emergency.

– If the flight date is changed within 24 hours of ticket purchase, there is no charge.

– Changing a flight date may mean that the passenger has made a new reservation, so the price of the new ticket may differ. A price difference must therefore be paid by the passenger.

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