Cancel a plane ticket with Hawaiian Airlines in accordance with its policy

Canceling a Hawaiian Airlines flight? There are several reasons that could lead you to make this difficult decision. If you are unable to get to the airport in time, you must contact the airline directly to find out if there is a rescheduling of your trip, otherwise you will be forced to cancel it.

Additionally, you can cancel your reservation anywhere or anytime by visiting the Hawaiian company’s website.

By canceling your ticket, you will no longer be charged cancellation fees. Unused ticket value can be applied towards the purchase of a new ticket or used as credit for another ticket or you can recover it by requesting a refund from Hawaiian Airlines.

Booking a Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket through a travel agency: How to cancel it?

If your reservation was made via an online travel site or a travel agency, it is up to the latter to take charge of the procedure for canceling your ticket.

Please contact the travel agency or online travel website through which you made your purchase. Hawaiian Airlines is unable to make changes to your reservation.

Cancel your Hawaiian Airlines flight reservation for free

Fortunately, Hawaiian Airlines has a flexible cancellation policy. The American carrier gives you up to one week before departure to change your mind and cancel your reservation free of charge, just as if you cancel it less than 24 hours after purchasing your flight ticket, and you can thus recover the full amount paid for your seat reservation.

Hawaiian Airlines reservation cancellation fees may apply

If you want to change your travel plans with less than seven days left before departure. For example, if you need to stay longer at your current location due to illness or a family emergency, you may be able to rebook your flight without penalty.

You will generally be charged a fee for this service, estimated at $200. A refund will be issued to your account after you pay the charges recorded by your carrier.

Rebook a flight after cancellation?

Hawaiian Airlines is so flexible with its customers that it allows them to rebook flights they have canceled, but before that is possible they will need to contact the Hawaiian airline’s customer service and inform them of this decision

Do not leave room for the unexpected for your next trips abroad, take out travel insurance

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Cancellation insurance compensates you if you cannot leave due to illness or force majeure, for example because you had a fire in your home or because your travel plans were disrupted by passing exams, where you found a job, …

You get a refund even if you can’t take your flight due to mismanagement or force majeure preventing your operator from serving the flight. And even if the air carrier decides to put you on an alternative flight, your insurance policy will be systematically updated.

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