Book an award ticket in the Hawaiian Miles program

Hawaiian Airlines is continuously offering exceptional offers for booking award tickets through its HawaiianMiles loyalty program.

Passengers can use the miles they accumulate with their trips on Hawaiian Airlines flights or purchases made on its website or via its mobile application, such as the purchase of additional baggage.

Number of miles required to book an award ticket

Travelers who are members of the Hawaiian Airlines Rewards Program have different destinations each month that they can fly to by purchasing award tickets, which can be booked for:

– Flights to neighboring islands

Main Cabin Award Amount
Main Cabin 1 7,500
Main Cabin 2 10,000
Main Cabin 3 15,000
Main Cabin 4 20,000
First Class Award Amount
First Class 1 15,000
First Class 2 30,000

– Flights to destinations on the West Coast of North America

Main Cabin Award Amount
Main Cabin 1 20,000
Main Cabin 2 30,000
Main Cabin 3 40,000
Main Cabin 4 50,000
Main Cabin 5 60,000
Main Cabin 6 80,000
Main Cabin 7 90,000
First Class Award Amount
First Class 1 40,000
First Class 2 80,000

– Flights serving Central North America destinations

Economy Class Number of Miles required
Cabin 1 25 000
Cabin 2 30 000
Cabin 3 40 000
Cabin 4 50 000
Cabin 5 60 000
Cabin 6 80 000
Cabin 7 100 000
Cabin 8 110 000
First Class Number of Miles required
First Class 1 40 000
First Class 2 110 000

– Flights operated to and from airports on the East Coast of North America

Economy Class Number of Miles required
Cabin 1 30 000
Cabin 2 40 000
Cabin 3 50 000
Cabin 4 60 000
Cabin 5 80 000
Cabin 6 100 000
Cabin 7 120 000
Cabin 8 130 000
First Class Number of Miles required
First Class 1 40 000
First Class 2 130 000

– Flights operating from airports in Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia

Economy Class Number of Miles required
Cabin 1 40 000
Cabin 2 50 000
Cabin 3 60 000
Cabin 4 80 000
Cabin 5 100 000
Cabin 6 120 000
Cabin 7 140 000
Business Class Number of Miles required
Business Class 1 65 000
Business Class 2 130 000

– Scheduled flights to and from the destinations of Pago Pago and Papeete

Economy Class Number of Miles required
Cabin 1 27 500
Cabin 2 42 500
Cabin 3 55 000
Cabin 4 70 000
Cabin  5 85 000
Cabin 6 100 000
Business Class Number of Miles Required
Business Class 1 47 500
Business Class 2 95 000

Award tickets can be booked with a special discount by Pualani Elite and Premier Club members or for those with the Elite MasterCard.

The value of these tickets obtained as a reward is influenced in a visible or subtle way” by current prices, due to the upheavals in prices caused by the global expansion of low cost.

Get an award ticket easily

Collecting Hawaiian miles is very easy, as the American company allows you to redeem points by taking its flights or boarding the flights of its partners such as Japan Airlines, JetBlue, Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia.

Award tickets should be booked online at while noting that it is possible to request assistance from customer service (1.877.426.4537) in the event of a problem.

How to Book a Hawaiian Airlines Ticket Using Miles?

A Hawaiian Airlines award ticket can be reserved until the last moments before take-off depending on seat availability, on the usual Air France website. Simply select the “Use Your Miles” tab on the booking engine and log in with your Hawaiian Miles credentials.

Book your award flight for free by converting your Hawaiian Miles points.The number of points required is calculated according to the price of the chosen ticket. You can take advantage of additional services thanks to your accumulated points, such as you have the possibility of choosing your preferred seat, excess baggage, your meal on board, pet, VIP access, as well as all the services offered to passengers booking their flights in cash.

Cancellation of an award ticket: What are the rules of Hawaiian Airlines?

It is not possible to request a refund if you decide to cancel your award ticket reservation. However, Hawaiian Airlines accepts to credit you the number of points transferred in a free flight ticket, in your account, but it may incur a fee.

The date of a flight booked with an award ticket can be changed by contacting the customer service of the Hawaiian company before the departure of the flight initially booked. Charges will be levied which vary depending on the route or destination of travel, in addition to any mileage fare difference.

For any other change such as passenger identity, itinerary, or class of travel, the ticket must first be canceled and then a new reservation made. No modification is then possible in the event of a missed flight.

Book an award ticket using miles earned in a family account

The points accumulated in the Family account can be used to buy award tickets. In this way, you can quickly reach the number of miles required by Hawaiian Airlines to unlock access to your award ticket and fly free to your dream destination, and know that this does not prevent you from accessing the various services offered to passengers paying for their plane tickets in cash, including baggage allowance, meals, access to airport lounges, etc.

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