Manage my Booking: A solution from Frontier Airlines to easily and quickly modify your booking online

Casual travelers and business travelers use to make their reservations for cheap flights to travel throughout the United States and to destinations in neighboring countries.

In addition to the online booking engine, Frontier Airlines offers a tool for passengers allowing them to manage their reservations by adding or deleting their flights, or even other services such as the purchase of additional baggage, modifying the choice of meal menu on-board services, …

In the Frontier Airlines Manage my Booking section, you can consult all the information concerning your booking, add services to enhance your flight, modify your flights, or cancel and refund a reservation. You will also be able to view the status of your bookings on your account page.

For any flight data changes, go directly to then to the My Trips tab, you can change your flight details. Simply click on “edit” in the upper left corner of the page. You can now change your seat preferences, add/remove services or even update your contact details.

Change your flight to another date in the My Trips section. If you wish to change your travel dates, simply log in to your account by entering your booking reference and your name in the login fields.

Your booking reference is a series of six characters (letters/numbers), whether you can find them on the email containing your electronic ticket, or on the back of your ticket printed on paper.

My Trips: A section to manage the various services related to your reservation with Frontier Airlines

– Modify or change a departure date

Have your travel plans changed? Manage your booking by choosing a new departure date or time.

To make changes to your flight, such as changing the departure time, click on “My Trips”. On the resulting screen, select the desired flight from the drop-down menu then select the new departure time and click Edit.

– Buy tickets for additional passengers

When booking flights, you can buy tickets for additional passengers who share your flight route. To do this, in the “My Trips” section, you can add passengers by entering their names. You can also specify their age and gender. Once you have entered all the required information, click “edit” to finalize your changes.

– Add a meal

In the Manage my booking area, you can also add a special meal option to your flight (for example, a meal for a diabetic passenger). Click “Add Service” and select the appropriate service from the list. Then fill out the form and click “Continue”.

– Add a service for special assistance at the airport and on board the flight

In the “Manage my booking” section, add a special assistance request for any passenger traveling with a disability. In this case, the person who booked the ticket must also contact Frontier Airlines Reservations by phone and give them the reason for needing accommodation. The Special Assistance Coordinator will then determine if the passenger is eligible for service and what type of service is required.

Cancel a flight ticket reservation

If you wish to cancel your reservation, click on the Cancel button. A confirmation message will appear informing you that your reservation has been suspended.

Add extra baggage to your flight

Click on “add a service” and select “additional baggage” from the list. Enter the weight of each bag and the dimensions of the largest bag. Click “continue” when you’re done adding items to your flight.

Select a preferred seat

Make sure your seat selection is correct before confirming your reservation. When you complete the online form, you will be asked which seats you prefer. Simply choose one of the listed options and click “confirm”. If you wish to review your selections before confirming your reservation, simply return to the previous screen.

Print your boarding pass

After online check-in, you will receive a boarding pass by email. It is in the same section that you can print this document that allows you to take the Frontier Airlines flight and board your plane.

The cost of the online modification service

Changing flights may incur costs:

$49 for changes made between 59 and 7 days before departure;

$99 if you change your flight schedules six days or less before the flight date.

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