Cancel or change a flight reservation according to Frontier Airlines policy

Not being able to travel and take a flight reserved with Frontier Airlines due to illness, work accident, bad weather, hurricane, … does not constitute an exceptional circumstance for which the American company agrees to provide you with a full refund of your plane ticket when you cancel your reservation.

Canceling a trip for this reason alone exposes you to paying administration fees and does not necessarily entitle you to a refund.

Cancellation of flights: Fees applied by Frontier Airlines

You will have the option to cancel your ticket free of charge only if you book your flight within a maximum of 24 hours after booking, and there are more than seven days left to catch the flight.

All cancellations made after this period generate fees, the amount of which changes according to the period during which the reservation was cancelled:

– From 4 to 9$ if there are more than seven days and less than sixty days before departure;

– $9 if there are less than seven days left before the travel date.

Please note that cancellations made prior to scheduled departure will incur a $25 cancellation fee if the reservation was made through a third party agency. Cancellation charges for other times vary depending on the fare class you paid for the reservation.

Due to unforeseeable situations, the passenger cannot take his flight and is obliged to cancel it. The airline will then reimburse the price of the ticket, but conditions must be met.

You must inform the airline of your intention to cancel your reservation in advance.

If you cancel your flight after the deadline, the airline may charge you an administrative fee. It depends on the circumstances surrounding the cancellation.

If the passenger decides to cancel his trip, he must pay all costs incurred by the airline.

In the event of injury, death of a loved one, illness or other unforeseen events, the passenger must notify the carrier immediately. The earlier he cancels his reservation, the lower the costs incurred.

Take travel insurance: Protect yourself against the unexpected and sudden cancellations

In order to protect against hazards and to be able to travel by plane with complete peace of mind, it is sometimes essential to take out travel cancellation insurance. This type of insurance protects you against various risks that may arise before your trip, sometimes preventing you from taking your flight.

When the cancellation of your flight is due to reasons that concern you, the airline will not refund your plane ticket, unless your ticket allows it.

The cancellation insurance aims to guarantee the reimbursement of travel expenses, it is often part of a travel insurance policy but it can also be the subject of a contract in its own right.

Two types of insurance policies exist:

– Classic cancellation insurance, i.e. with a limited number of risks covered.

– Cancellation insurance for all justified causes, i.e. which provides for a greater number of cases of cancellation.

In any case, when you take out cancellation insurance, you are covered for a certain number of risks provided for in the contract. Note that the subscription must take place at the same time as the purchase of your plane ticket.

Before canceling your trip, you must therefore check whether your reason for cancellation is covered by the insurance contract. Although each insurer provides for different conditions, generally the accepted causes are:

– The death of the insured or a close relative;

– The accident;

– Disease;

– Dismissal for economic reasons or from a new job;

– Home damage (water damage, fire);

– The exam or resit for a student;

– Natural disasters;

– Professional transfer;

– Cancellation or modification of paid leave dates by the employer;

– Refusal of tourist visa;

When you request the cancellation of the trip due to illness and the insurance contract provides for this possibility, you must prove the reality of the alleged illness (medical certificate, treatment sheets) as well as the incompatibility of the illness with your travel.

It is very important to choose your insurance carefully since the amount of the refund depends on the date of cancellation but the ceilings vary according to the insurance chosen.

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