Book award ticket with miles earned in MyFrontier account

Frontier Airlines offers its passengers an important booking option. This is indeed the booking of award flights online, using miles points.

How do I book Frontier Airlines award tickets online?

These plane tickets can in principle be reserved in two ways: online via the Frontier Airlines website (or on the American company’s mobile application) or by telephone.

Reservations are available 24 hours a day, while the Frontier Airlines Call Center can be reached 24/7 at 602.333.59.25.

Book a Frontier Airlines award ticket: How do I do this?

In the simplest way, you can book your award ticket:

– Go to, then log into your MyFrontier account;

– In the reservation form, select the option (pay with miles), then continue the procedure as you usually do, selecting the departure date for the round trip and the destination, the number of passengers, …

To purchase an award ticket, you must be a member of the Frontier Airlines program and have sufficient miles in your account. You can earn miles by traveling regularly on US airline flights or partner routes, or by purchasing other services such as excess baggage.

As a reminder, Frontier Airlines is a member of the Wyndham Rewards program grouping together hundreds of companies with which you can inflate your account in the MyFrontiers program by earning a lot of miles.

It is also important to note that miles are awarded for flights on partner airlines as well as for award bookings through partner travel agencies. For example, if you book your award flight through a partner travel agency, you will receive additional miles.

Buy and book an award ticket: The number of miles required

A mileage scheme is set up by Frontier Airlines to reward loyal passengers, but also to inform them of the number of miles they need to obtain award tickets.

Award Travel Type

Value Standard Last Seat (Elite Only) Taxes & Fees from:


One Way

10,000 mi. 20,000 mi. 22,500 mi. $5.60
Round Trip 20,000 mi. 40,000 mi. 45,000 mi.



One Way 15,000 mi. 25,000 mi. 27,500 mi.


Round Trip

30,000 mi. 50,000 mi. 55,000 mi. $80.20


One Way

15,000 mi. 25,000 mi. 27,500 mi. $36.90
Round Trip 30,000 mi. 50,000 mi. 55,000 mi.



One Way 15,000 mi. 25,000 mi. 27,500 mi.


Round Trip

30,000 mi. 50,000 mi. 55,000 mi.


Exchanging miles for award tickets: Fees and taxes to be paid

Purchasing mile award tickets incurs certain fees, namely:

– $15 if the reservation is made between 179 and 21 days before departure;

– $50 for all flight ticket reservations made between 20 and one week before departure;

– $75 for award ticket reservations validated less than six days before the flight date.

However, some passengers are exempt from paying the fees mentioned above, such as passengers with Elite Status or travelers who book their flight tickets too early (more than 180 days before departure), or passengers traveling with a passenger with Elite status in the MyFrontier loyalty program.

Canceling a Frontier Airlines Award Ticket Reservation

To cancel an award ticket, you must contact the airline directly to obtain a refund of your miles points. Frontier Airlines allows you to cancel your award ticket up to the last moments before departure and receive a full mileage refund, but this may incur a $75 fee.

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