Flying with Delta Airlines: Choose your preferred seat on the plane

Delta Airlines offers its passengers a choice and selection of seats service if the seats assigned to them after booking their flights do not suit them. Passengers who wish to change seats on Delta Airlines can then do so from different platforms.

Choose or change the choice of a seat: Cost and fees to be paid

Choosing a Preferred or Comfort+ seat is a service available to all passengers when checking in online. After validation of the registration on a DAL flight, it will no longer be possible to use this service.

Performed on the Travel Management section which is accessible on the Delta Air Lines website or from its mobile application, this operation costs $29 or more for each operation of choosing a seat.

When there is no availability to reserve your seat, the payment made will be refunded and another seat will be assigned on the aircraft.

When you access your booking, you can make all types of changes you want to make to your flight. Everything is accessible with a click on Modify Seat or Flight. Then you choose your seat that you like the most for a more comfortable journey. Then start the seat modification session. To choose your seat, you will have to make the payment, you can choose your preferred mode from which you can make the payment. When you have completed the seat selection process, you will receive a notification in your email.

Other ways to choose or change a seat location on a Delta Air Lines flight

The operation is accessible before the validation or the end of the deadline for check-in. It is possible to carry out this operation online, by telephone or even at the airport by joining the DAL counter or at one of its ticket offices. Before doing so, it is important that you know that the seat selection process applies additional costs. If you are traveling a lot, you can choose your seats and feel surrounded by family or friends. They can choose a more comfortable seat and more space for women with babies or children.

Or sit in a plane operated by Delta Air Lines?

Do you prefer the most comfortable seat or the one that goes up or down the fastest? Do you want a place where few people sit or do you prefer to find a good place for your hand luggage?

It makes sense that you can’t have it all, but one important fact to keep in mind is that not all planes are the same. There are those with unusual seating arrangements, and even seats modified to suit the structure of the aircraft. If possible, try to inform yourself about the model of Delta Air Lines aircraft you are boarding on your future trip so that you can make the best choice of your seat.

– Seat for quick embarkation and disembarkation

To board as soon as possible, choose a back row, since they are the first to have access to the plane. This also has the advantage that you will have more free space to place your hand luggage.

– Sit in a quiet place

If you are overwhelmed by traveling with many people, the back seats of airplanes are usually the last to be filled. In addition, the front seats, close to the cabin, are quieter.

– Seats offering maximum comfort

Many airline seats, including business seats or Delta Air Lines first class seats, can be reclined up to one hundred and eighty degrees turning into real beds. In the case of the tourist class, few do.

If you are looking for a reclining seat to stretch out a little or be more comfortable, they are usually located at the front of the plane and in the non-departure rows. But watch out for the seats behind the exit. They have strange shapes on the windows, which might be annoying to you.

– Seats guaranteeing more safety in the event of an incident

Many people are overwhelmed by theft and they need to feel as safe as possible. If this is your case, find a seat near the emergency exit. It’s more psychological than anything else, but it works.

The rear seats are also generally the safest, in the event of an accident.

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