Book your flight tickets using the means and methods of payment offered by Delta Air Lines

Thanks to the diversified means of payment that it makes available to its travelers, it is possible to pay for airline tickets issued by Delta Air Lines and to pay for purchases of goods and services offered on its website in different ways.

The Moroccan carrier is diversifying the payment gateways offered to its customers, the main objective of which is to allow them to make reservations in a secure environment while allowing them to find the best travel offers, and to book them serenely.

Paying for his reservation by credit card or bank transfer, here are the different means of payment that the DAL passenger can use to pay for his purchases with the American company:

– Paypal

Payment by PayPal gives you the possibility of using your account without having to communicate the number of your bank card during your purchase.

With PayPal, pay for your reservations with DAL as you wish, in one or four instalments free of charge. Payment in four instalments is at no additional cost for the provision of this financing.

Your purchases can be easily paid for in four installments over three months. You can view and manage your due dates from your PayPal app. An early repayment is possible at any time and without supplement.

– American Express

The American Express card gives you three months protection for your purchases made with this card in the event of accidental damage.

An unexpected purchase on the Delta Air Lines website or an opportunity you can’t pass up? But the budget is a bit tight this month. This is no longer a problem. With the American Express card, payments can be deferred for thirty days. This will help you better manage your spending with the flexibility of this card.

– Apple Pay

Wondering how to pay with Apple Pay? If paying with your iPhone is really practical and advantageous? Or how do you enable and disable Apple Pay to make flight reservations online at Apple Pay allows you to use your iPhone to pay an invoice online or at DAL’s physical offices.

– Mastercard

MasterCard cards allow you to securely pay for your flight reservations on They allow you to have a separate payment method from your bank account for one-time expenses.

In order to carry out secure transactions on the Internet, the passenger does not communicate the codes of his main bank account, this is what is possible with the Mastercard card.


UATP, official partner of Delta Air Lines allows the American company to offer its customers a new means of payment, in the form of a card, more economical than payment by bank card and as profitable for the customer as for the company.

The United States airline accepts payment by UATP card. This allows him to be more independent vis-à-vis credit cards such as Master Card or Visa.

– Visa

The Visa credit card allows you to withdraw money, but also to pay online or in physical agencies. You can pay for your reservations made with Delta Air Lines directly at

The card is then linked to a reserve of money that its owner can use as he sees fit, within the limit of the amount authorized by the bank. The reserve is replenished over time and one can choose not to use it.

– Diners Club

Diners Club is one of the credit cards accepted on the Delta Air Lines reservation platform. It can be used to pay for flight reservations, buy extra baggage or reserve special meals, … It is possible to make unlimited payments on the website without worrying about data security. using this credit card.

– GlobalCollect

GlobalCollect, Ingenico Group’s online payment service, leader in alternative payment solutions, is a partner with Delta Air Lines. The American company is the first in the world to offer this service to its customers in Europe.

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