Correction or change of dates and names on a Delta Air Lines flight ticket reservation: Fees to be paid

When you book a flight, you can specify the exact day and time you want to depart. If you later decide to leave earlier or arrive later than expected, you can easily adjust your schedule. Simply return to Manage My Bookings and select the new departure date.

Even if you have already validated your flight reservation, you can change your departure date. However, this service is inaccessible once you check-in your flight.

The procedure for changing the date and issuing a ticket exchange

The main question remains: what is the procedure for changing the date of the ticket electronically.

The procedure for exchanging tickets online is as follows:

– In the case of an electronic ticket purchased via the Internet, you must visit the official page of the carrier Delta Air Lines. Once on the main page of this airline’s website, point your cursor to My Trips, then you will be asked to enter the access details for this section, which are the name and the booking reference.

– Once inside, you find all the necessary information about your reservation including the departure date that you can modify in one click.

Penalties are applied after the date change request

First of all, you should know that the cost of this service changes according to the price of the plane ticket.

If the ticket offers flexibility, it is quite possible that you will not pay anything, unlike if you book a flight without this option; you pay fees of up to $50 on local flights and between $200 and $500 on international flights.

Correct or change a name on an already validated Delta Air Lines flight reservation?

When validating a Delta Air Lines flight reservation, we sometimes realize that because of a spelling error or a typing error, the passenger name entered in the reservation form is not compatible with the one who appears in the identity document or passport. This means that the reservation is not valid, and you cannot use your plane ticket to take the DAL flight.

Before boarding, the airline will check that the name indicated on the ticket, as well as the title and date of birth correspond to the information on your identity card or passport. This identity verification is important for security reasons and the airline has the right to refuse boarding if this information is not correct.

Minor spelling mistakes

As long as the entry error does not lead to the belief that one person is replacing another, the company should not cause difficulties for a minor discrepancy. For example, write Luiz instead of Luis or the opposite.

Delta Air Lines authorizes the rectification of names from its Manage Booking section knowing that the maximum number of letters to change is 3. If you exceed this number, you will have to call the customer relations service to ask for help.

Full name change

This could happen when making a reservation before signing the marriage certificate or in the event of a divorce. This is a tricky situation, so the passenger should contact Delta Air Lines to resolve the issue. This action cannot be performed online.

Fees are surely applied by the American company in the event of a major change or correction applied to the reservation, namely:

$125 if the action of the correction or the change of name is carried out less than 24 hours following the purchase of the flight.

$275 if the request for change or rectification or even correction of the name is made beyond this period.

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