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Delta Airlines Reservations, Official Site, Flights & Deals

Delta Airlines is often considered the best option for the traveler budget. They certainly have done enough to earn that reputation, but it has nothing to do with low quality on their services. They have some of the most competitive prices on the market, enough to make them a contender to juggernauts such as American Airlines and United.

Delta merged with Northwest Airlines more than a decade ago. By the time they became the biggest airline in the world, but United merged with Continental and American merged with US Airways. They are still one of the world’s largest airlines out there. With a wide offer of traveling packages, most Delta Airlines reservations vary depending on your destination and class of choice.

Unlike other lines, Delta has one of the most extensive partnership programs to bridge flights to far-reaching destinations. The airline is a member of the Sky Team alliance that includes other airlines such as Air France, Aeromexico, China Eastern, KLM, and Korean Air. They also have partnerships with GOL, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, and WestJet to get anywhere in the world.

The Following are a few tidbits of information you need to remember when you travel with Delta Airlines flights.

Tips to Book, a Flight with Delta Airlines

As we mentioned earlier, Delta Airlines is a company that targets the budget traveler. Their services are in high demand most of the year. Booking a flight with them can be a nightmare if you don’t know what to do. Here is some course of action you can follow to book a flight with Delta successfully:

  • Use a third party booking engine such as BookingBuddy, CheapAir, Hipmunk, or Hopper. Some of these apps offer you the option to sign up for alerts when fares drop.
  • If you are booking on the Delta Airlines official site, be careful not to click on the extras that will pop-up from time to time. They all cost extra money.
  • If you are carrying a large suitcase, you won’t be able to pay the additional fee on the website. You will have to do so in the Airport after checking in.
  • You have a 24-hour window for canceling a flight without facing any penalties or extra charges.

Tips For a Successful Check-In

As we mentioned previously, you can handle your check-in on the Delta Airlines official site 24 hours before departure. If you rather use your smart device, you can download the Airline’s app and manage your check-in that way.

  • You can also print your boarding pass and do your check-in at an airport kiosk. Any desk check-in is only to drop your bags and pay the fees on them.
  • Delta tends to overbook certain flights. Make sure to get early to board the plane, even if you have an assigned seat on the plane. The company has a fierce policy of first-come, first-served when it comes to basic economy passengers.
  • Remember that Delta is a budget airline, so their flights are always full. Since the volume of passengers is pretty big, there is always a chance to speed up your trip if a plane has available seats due to no-shows or missed connections.

Tips to Check Your Baggage

  • Your Delta Airlines reservations allow you to carry up to five pieces of luggage with you.
  • Each piece of luggage should have dimensions no larger 62” or 158cms, including handles and wheels.
  • Any individual piece of baggage should weigh no more than 50lbs or 23kgs on all classes
  • On domestic and international flights, checked bag fees will be the same for Basic Economy and Main Cabin. Delta has adjusted their fares to compete with other transatlantic low-cost carriers, but there are limits on the number of bags you can carry.
  • First-checked luggage on flights to Europe and North Africa costs $60 each. If you are traveling in the main cabin, your ticket fare includes one checked bag in these routes.

Cabin Services Offered by Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines was the first company to offer Basic Economy tickets. The fare was introduced to compete with low-cost carriers such as Spirit Airlines. Even with the budget mentality behind the company that allows them to get high revenue by volume of flights, there are quite a few great things about their services.

  • Delta Airlines Basic Economy tickets get a seat assignment after checking-in, but they can’t be upgraded to other types of cabins.
  • Standard Economy is the best if you want to travel sitting next to your traveling partners. These are the ideal Delta Airlines tickets for families.
  • Upgrading to other cabins is always subject to availability, depending on the destination. Additional fees will apply depending on the season or the demand for the flight.
  • In-flight services vary depending on the route and type of cabin you are flying. Short flights that last no more than 45 minutes only have drinks services upon request.
  • Domestic flights that last over three hours or more will offer free snacks and soft drinks. If you wish a light meal or alcohol, you will be charged a fee for them.
  • International and transcontinental domestic flight tickets grant the customer an in-flight meal and all the free snacks and soft drinks they want for the duration of the trip.
  • If you need entertainment, most of the aircraft are equipped with backseat screens that offer cable TV programming. Premium cabins provide streaming services and an extensive catalog of films.
  • Delta Airlines also offers Wi-Fi service on demand. You can pay for the service on the plane to use it on your smartphone or tablet. The signal is suited to keep track of anything related to news, or business to attend in your destination.

Closing Thoughts

Delta Airlines flights sound like a great deal. They certainly have a lot of destinations to choose from. The fact that you don’t know half the time which airline partner will be helping you as you bridge flights is an inconvenience that needs to be sorted out. The airline lives to the reputation it has built as a company that is family-friendly when it comes to travel expenses. There is a lot to improve here, but they also do a lot of good things in their most expensive cabins.