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Amwrican Airlines Reservations, Official Site, Flights & Deals

When you need to travel, it doesn’t get any better than choosing to fly with American Airlines. They offer levels of comfort no other airline in the market can. With 940 planes American Airlines also has the largest fleet of aircraft in the world. They also have the farthest reach since they can fly you to nearly every country in the world. American Airlines flights to 350 different destinations in 50 different countries. They have managed to score an average of 6,800 flights a day.

American Airlines has one of the most effective networks to travel by air easily. They are recognized as the world’s largest airline. They can bridge connections to many destinations without making their customers switch airlines. American Airlines tickets give you access to multiple programs for frequent fliers to get rewards for the continuous use of their services. American Airlines is known for thinking about their customer’s comfort above everything else.

Let’s check some tips to handle the services offered by the leading airline on the planet:

Tips to Book a Flight with American Airlines

American Airlines offer an extensive catalog of tickets. If you are traveling on a budget, they probably have an option for you. The only problem is that your trip won’t be as comfortable as you expect. You can see their offers on the American Airlines official site and in nearly every third-party booking site.

Booking American airline tickets is a pretty straightforward procedure. You need to pick your date for departure and choose one of the cabin options offered by the airline. Choosing economy fare brings a lot of restrictions on your options. Main economy fare brings a little more freedom, at least to select your seat.

After paying your ticket, you are offered an option to keep the fare on select routes. This is pretty helpful if you want to plan a trip with time and get a discount at the same time. A lot of routes have extended periods with this offer in place. If you are a frequent traveler, this can help you save a lot of money. American Airlines reservations can be canceled in the first 24 hours after booking without any additional charges on your end.

Tips to Check Your Baggage

When you book a flight on American Airlines you should follow these rules regarding your baggage:

  • Any baggage should have a height of 62” or 158cm.
  • No baggage can weigh more than 50lbs or 23kgs (First Class customers can carry 70 lbs or 32 kgs.)
  • You can only check ten bags regardless of your destination.

Regarding Your Hand Luggage

  • Anything you carry on your hands counts as personal items. Handbags and other items should not exceed the following dimensions: 17” x 13” x 7” or 43 x 33 x 18cms.
  • Carry-on baggage shouldn’t be bigger than 21” x 13” x 8” or 54 x 34 x 21cms including handles and wheels.
  • Items such as diaper bags, strollers, safety seats, or mobility devices don’t count as personal items or carry-on.

Tips For a Successful Check-In

Long gone are the days when you had to arrive at the airport three or four hours before departing to check-in. After you buy your American Airlines ticketsyou can manage your check-out online 24 hours before leaving. This option is available 1 hour before departing. International flights will be open for an hour and a half before departing. If you want to do this process the old-fashioned way in your airport, make sure to arrive at least one hour before departing to check-in without problems.

Tips to Understand the Cabin Classes Offeredby American Airlines

You can choose one of these cabin classes when you travel with American Airlines:

· First Class Cabin

This is the premium service of the airline. These cabins have the most comfortable seats on the plane. You also get all the snacks and drinks you want for the duration of your trip. If your flight is over 1000 miles or longer, you also get three meals during the day.

· Business Class Cabin

While the services are less fancy in this choice, you get to travel with comfort since the seats in business class are larger with more legroom. Your flight includes a meal, Wi-Fi signal, a personal screen and headphones for entertainment, a pillow and a blanket on request.

· Premium Economy Cabin

Premium economy is not exactly a downgrade from Business class. It is more like the budget option of it. You get the same perks on a cabin that is built to hold more people. The seats are not restrictive at all, and you get to free drinks for the duration of the trip.

· Basic Economy Cabin

The cheapest class on the list is made for travelers who are on a budget. It’s the option offered by American Airlines to make air trips affordable for whoever needs it. There are minimal perks included with this option. All the services listed in the previous classes have an additional fare on this one, and they can be delivered on request.

The American Airlines Inflight Experience

American Airlines flights offer a standard flying experience. While their prices are a bit heavy on the pockets of budget travelers, most of their tickets are pretty affordable. The quality of service onboard is pretty good. Fly attendants are very polite and educated. Even the cheapest fly gives you access to free cheap snacks, all the soft drinks you want, and a few entertainment options to pass the time. While premium services grant a lot of perks, most of them can be accessed if you are on a lower class by paying for them. There are no bad deals with American Airlines.

Closing Thoughs

American Airlines prides itself on the quality of their services. They have in business for a long time, and they have the lowest rate of complaints from their customers. When you book American Airlines flights, you are buying a ticket to comfort. American Airlines tickets are easy to get from the airline’s website or with your travel agency. Don’t take any less than what they have to offer. They have flight options for you regardless of your budget.