Choose your seat on Allegiant Air flights and fly in the comfort you imagined

The seat selection service in airplanes is a very important service whose purpose is to guarantee passengers maximum comfort during their journey.

There are those who like to sit in armchairs located in front of a partition, in front of the emergency exit, or at the front of the aircraft, … Allegiant Air thus offers them a seat selection service in line and at the airport by allowing them to specify the location of their seat, ensuring maximum comfort during their flights.

To select an airplane seat, you only need to log into your My Trip account again. And for this you must use your booking reference (number) and your name. Then you can choose the aisle or window seat and finally specify your preferred row. To do this, click on the seats to see their availability and price.

It is important to note that the service is accessible before the check-in on the flight is validated.

How much does seat selection cost on an Allegiant Air flight?

This service costs $38 or more depending on the itinerary chosen and booked with Allegiant Air.

Choosing your ideal place on the plane: Which is yours?

When planning to travel by plane with Allegiant Air, it is possible to choose your seat when purchasing the ticket. However, there is no better place in the device. The choice must therefore be made according to the needs of each person.

There are certain destinations operated by Allegiant Air which however exceed ten flight hours. Thus, the choice of seat in the aircraft may be important. Remember that there is no better seat, because each passenger is different. The ideal place for such a person will therefore not necessarily be yours.

For example, tall people will find legroom to be critical. They will then choose a place near the emergency exits. It must be said that these rather rare places are much more spacious. However, having the right to occupy them requires being 18 years old and in good physical condition. Indeed, the people sitting there must be able to open the emergency door if necessary.

Flying with a baby or you are afraid of flying: What is the ideal seat for you?

Some people have a phobic fear of flying, rather common within the population, this disease is often characterized by reluctance and anxiety during takeoffs, landings and other moments of turbulence. However, this type of passenger can use a little trick when choosing the seat. Indeed, the turbulence is a little less important at the front of the aircraft as well as at the level of the wings. However, if the fear is more about the risk of crashes, you should know that the seats located at the bottom of the aircraft are the safest.

Other passengers are traveling with family and in particular with a newborn. A logical embarrassment then sets in since the presence of the baby can disturb the other passengers, between uncontrollable crying and screaming, the presence of more luggage and the need to change diapers. For this type of passenger, the first rows of each zone are the most suitable. Indeed, these offer a little more space than the others with sometimes even a partition on the front. Airlines often provide shelves on which to place the bassinets.

The longer the trip, the more passengers are likely to want to sleep. In order to find more or less good quality sleep, the first thing to do is to avoid aisle seats. During a flight of about ten hours, it will certainly be necessary to give way at least once to the passengers seated on our right. In addition, ensuring a certain calm is synonymous with putting a certain distance between the chosen place and the toilets. Comings and goings as well as door and flushing noises can be disturbing.

For some passengers, some seats should be avoided

For example, the 9D seat is quite unrecommended due to a lack of legroom due to the bulkhead. In addition, the removable tray and screen reduce the space of the place. In addition, it is a space that can accommodate a cradle, so occupying this space means finding yourself with a toddler nearby. We should also mention the seats at the back of the aircraft, a fairly noisy place due to the third engine, not to mention the impossibility of reclining the seats.

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