Allegiant Air allows changing the name on the flight reservation or correcting it

When booking an airline ticket, mentioning the passenger’s first and last name is a mandatory step for Allegiant Air to provide you with your boarding pass.

Indeed, the American airline uses this information to confirm that there are no problems with the identity of the passenger. If the person who booked the ticket does not mention his full name in the booking process or it contains errors, the airline may refuse to issue him a boarding pass.

Wrong name, badly written or contains spelling errors: how to correct it?

If your name is wrong on the booking and you want to correct it, you need to contact the airline directly. They will tell you what you need to do to fix it.

If the defect is slight enough, they might just accept the correction. However, if it is major, they may ask you to pay a fee, and you may sometimes not be able to repair the error, especially if you intervene late.

What is a minor error? It’s simply a mistake that doesn’t make a reservation or boarding agent at the airport believe that you’ve changed your name.

What to do in the event of a change of civil status?

Going from miss to madame or from single to married. It may cause you a problem if such information is not updated in your reservation. Please settle the problem before the day of departure.

Changing or correcting names on Allegiant Air reservations incurs a fee

What is certain is that Allegiant Air charges a fee to help you correct your name on the reservation. There is no fixed rate, but the fees charged can reach or exceed $75.

– When does this service become free?

If you have misplaced your full name, by entering the first name in the field required to enter the name or vice versa, Allegiant Air can repair the problem free of charge. Contact its customer service to report the problem as soon as possible. The sooner it is, the more you avoid paying significant penalties.

Name changes on air ticket reservations issued by Allegiant, which are made for the purpose of transferring them to other passengers are not possible.

Allegiant Air does not ask you to pay any fees if your plane ticket includes the Trip Flex option (available in Allegiant Bonus and Total fares), or if you intervened less than 24 hours after the validation of your flight reservation.

Solve the problem online or over the phone?

This kind of situation obliges the passenger to contact the customer service of his airline and explain the situation to a customer relations agent and ask him for help. Customer advisors can be reached at all times at this number: 702.505.88.88.

If you are unable to reach Allegiant Air’s customer service, then you should contact one of its offices to report the dispute and quickly find a solution to your problem.

Allegiant Air offices cover the entire national territory of the American country, generally accessible from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Don’t forget to take your identity card or your passport or other documents that you may be asked for, including a marriage or divorce certificate.

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