The various Allegiant Air solutions to manage flight reservations

Due to certain circumstances, many passengers find themselves forced to change their travel program by postponing their flight to a later date. You are part of it, know that Allegiant Air offers you flexibility and nevertheless allows you to modify your travel plan, change your departure time or cancel your reservation without losing your right to reimbursement.

Manage flight reservation is an option that Allegiant Airlines offers its passengers by allowing them to change or modify the reservation of their flight tickets online. This service allows travelers to make changes to their reservations, such as changing a destination or seat selection, without having to call the airline’s customer service center. The company also offers this feature to customers who are not members of the Allways Rewards loyalty program.

In the section called My Trip, you can:

– Change a departure date

You can change the departure date of your flight up to 24 hours after the initial reservation of the plane ticket knowing that there are one hundred and sixty eight hours (168 hours) before the departure of the flight. These options must apply if you wish to modify your reservation free of charge, otherwise fees of up to $75 may apply.

– Changing a passenger’s name

You may be able to change a passenger’s name at no additional cost, but only to correct a simple error or if you wish to change your name after a wedding for example, but be aware that this kind of modification entails costs.

Otherwise, for other cases, changing a name to transfer it to another person, for example, is an impossible operation. Call Allegiant Air Customer Service (702.505.88.88) for detailed information on this subject.

– Modify a destination city:

You can select any city in the world from which you want to leave. The same amendment conditions listed above apply.

– Change if there will be meals served:

You can choose between meal service and no meal service.

– Buy extra baggage: Enter your booking reference and your name in the two login fields on My Trip, on the Allegiant Air website or mobile application, then start purchasing your extra baggage. Once logged in, you will see the price list for additional baggage options available for purchase from Allegiant Air.

Change other flight data

Changing the civility (Madame, Miss, …) or gender in the Allegiant Air flight booking is also possible. However, it is best to make these changes early (respecting the 24-hour rule) to avoid paying additional fees.

Allegiant Air informs its passengers that the costs generated by the modification of the plane tickets are applied only to those who have booked their flight with the Basic fare. Thus, for travelers who have chosen the Allegiant Bonus or Allegiant Total fares, they have the right to modify their flight data once.

The Manage Booking or My Trips section is used to manage flight ticket bookings for all types of flights, including domestic and international flights. The system allows you to modify your flight ticket reservation by changing the city or airport of departure, to change the number of passengers on board, to add or remove a passenger, to change the class of service and even to cancel your reservation. You can also view your flight ticket booking history.

If you have booked a multi-city flight ticket with Allegiant Air which offers multiple payment methods, you will be able to see the different payment options available in the My Trips section. You can choose which payment method you want to use for your next booking on the Allegiant Air website or mobile app.

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