Alaska Airlines accepts multiple payment methods for booking flights and other purchases

The online bank card is the preferred method of payment for Americans, especially with the development of contactless payment. If you plan to take an Alaska Airlines flight, you should know that the American carrier allows you to make payments with the card:

– Visa

Paying with the VISA card has the advantage of being able to pay online, and also in some cases the bank can offer a better rate for purchases and reservations made with Alaska Airlines using your credit card. If you are booking flights on an airline that offers this option, be sure to check with them before making any payments as they may offer additional benefits or discounts if you use their own VISA card, such as Alaska Airlines Visa.

– MasterCard

Owning the Mastercard credit card means you won’t miss out on any good deals with Alaska Airlines (reductions on flight prices, for example). In addition, with this card you can buy today and pay the following month, free of charge. It is therefore a free credit offered by your card until the day scheduled for payment.

There are several advantages to having this card: You can place a limit per month. You can pay anywhere to settle your booking fees with Alaska Airlines. The money is only debited the following month from your current account.

– American Express

American Express, a card that has the advantage that you can use it anywhere, and you don’t need any additional charges on your credit card for it. If you have an AMEX card, you can pay for your reservations for Alaska Airlines tickets online or by phone by calling 00.1206.244.0751.

The American Express card is an international payment card. It has many advantages. Users of this card may have to resort to the assistance and assistance of its customer service.

– Diners Club

Paying with Diners Club has the advantage of being able to pay for your flight with Alaska Airlines anytime, anywhere and securely, and also allows you to make payments online without having to provide any information.

You can start making payments with Alaska Airlines using the Diner’s Club app on your smartphone or tablet.

– Discover Card

You can use your Discover credit card to make purchases online at or over the phone. You also have access to special offers such as cash back, cheaper airfare, hotel discounts, car rental discounts, gift cards and more, and you can pay for them. all using your Discover card.

– Universal Air Travel Plan

Universal Air Travel Plan is a payment service provided by Alaska Airlines. This allows you to buy plane tickets for yourself or for someone else and pay their amounts with this payment method without paying any additional fees.

– Alaska Airlines Commercial Account

This card allows you to pay for your flight reservations, purchase of additional baggage and many other services, and each service/product that you pay for with this card earns you miles points.

This card can be used to settle the various payments made with Alaska Airlines, on its website, on its mobile application, or after its airline partners, and its ground partners such as hotels and car rental agencies.

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