Selecting a seat to travel on an Alaska Airlines flight: Make your best choice online

Alaska Airlines offers its customers a paid pre-selection service for seats in the various classes of its aircraft. The service is available on all its domestic, regional and international flights.

Are charges and fees incurred for passengers selecting seats on Alaska Airlines flights?

Pre selection of standard seats is free when traveling in Economy class. On the other hand, it is paying for those who take Alaska Airlines flights in Premium class. For these passengers, the price of the service is set at $15.

This service may also be free for members of the MileagePlus loyalty program, those who have MVP GOLD, MVP GOLD 75 and MVP GOLD 100 status.

In order to benefit from this service, you have to meet two conditions:

– Your registration must not already be validated

– Choose your seat more than 24 hours before departure.

This service remains available at the airport up to one hour before departure, but it is quite possible that the seats will already be taken during this period.

Seats with more space in front of them are available in Premium class, at an additional cost. At the same time, only members with high statuses in the MileagePlus rewards program can choose them for free in advance.

If you cannot find the seat you need and if you encounter difficulties during the online seat reservation process, call your operator’s customer service directly, always available at 1.800.252.75.22

The online seat pre-selection service can be used up to 24 hours before departure, from My Trips. At the same time, if free choice at check-in continues, the new service will be a convenient tool for checking the availability of different seats in advance. Pre-screening service is not available for passengers with unconfirmed reservations and group tickets.

Alaska Airlines agrees to refund the cost of selecting a seat in all cases where the passenger does not use the seat selected. Moreover, this applies both to cases where the airline itself has become the cause such as in the event of flight cancellation, change of aircraft or transfer of a passenger to an alternative flight and to cases where the reason lies with the passenger such as a last-minute flight change, refusal to purchase seats, later purchase of a more expensive seat, upgrade with miles, …

Where to sit on a plane: The seats to absolutely avoid

When you are going to travel by plane, there are many things that you must take into account, such as the type of suitcase to take, the clothes you take in the suitcase or the plane seat you are going to choose during the trip.

We are used to researching and knowing what is the best place for a long plane trip, such as being near the bathroom, the hallway or the window, as well as near the emergency exits, among others. .

Yet the other point of view has rarely been discussed, do you know which is the worst airplane seat?

One of the worst seats on the plane is the middle one, because you don’t have the option of having the window closed to look at the view or leaning back to sleep during the trip and you don’t have either the aisle seats to be able to move around and get out of the queue without disturbing anyone.

If you add to this that you had to sit in the seats at the end of the plane, you will also have the problem that if you want to eat or drink something during the trip, it is very likely that at the time of the flight the attendants arrive at your place you will have exhausted the most requested and you can only ask for what is left.

Sitting next to the window: good or bad for the passenger?

Apart from travel in Business or First class, it is advisable for passengers to avoid the seat near the window.

It must be admitted that we tend to have a preference for the porthole when we travel. We enjoy a beautiful landscape, and to sleep, it is a little more pleasant. However, this is not the best choice to make.

Why do you have to do without it now? It is simply for the sake of your skin. Indeed, UV rays are strongest in the air, and damage your skin more when you admire the sky from your seat.

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