Cancellation of air tickets according to Alaska Airlines booking conditions

For some passengers, things suddenly go wrong. They book plane tickets with Alaska Airlines then suddenly, they learn that their next trip to their destination is interrupted because the city they dreamed of going there a long time ago is impacted by a hurricane or an epidemic, or an unforeseen event such as a work accident quickly disrupted their travel program, … Any passenger finding themselves in such an unpleasant situation should know that it is possible to cancel their reservation and have their ticket refunded aircraft under certain conditions.

Cancel a flight reservation online

The Alaska Airlines travel reservation can be canceled online for certain categories of travelers via the Manage my Trip section, as it can be canceled by telephone for others.

– Free cancellation

This is possible under the following conditions: Cancellation request made within a maximum period of 24 hours after the purchase of the plane ticket, when there are still more than 24 hours before the departure of the flight. By fulfilling these conditions, you will receive your full refund within a maximum of fourteen days from the date of submission of your request.

Proceed with the cancellation of the flight outside this deadline? Passengers are not entitled to reimbursement but to a credit that they can exchange for services or reservations with Alaska Airlines knowing that fees are charged during the exchange.

No right to reimbursement is also granted to travelers making a reservation with a Saver or Government fare. Instead, they are entitled to a travel credit instead of a cash refund.

Flight cancellations made thirteen months after their purchases may not be accepted by Alaska Airlines

The personal or professional circumstances of the traveler do not allow invoking cancellation free of charge under so-called exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, but in relation to the flexibility offered to Alaska Airlines passengers, the risk of losing their right to reimbursement is almost non-existent.

Alaska Airlines Flight Reservation Cancellation by Phone

The online flight cancellation service is not eligible for certain passengers. They must therefore contact a customer relations agent by contacting 180.0252.7522 or 180.044.544.35 (for the cancellation of group reservations).

Protect yourself against the unexpected by taking out cancellation insurance

Vacations are always planned in advance. We choose the period, destination, activities on site, means of transport. The booking process is over, but there is still a question: that of travel insurance. To leave, and especially to return in complete peace of mind, travelers are invited to subscribe to it by ticking the appropriate box.

Whether you have prepared your trip months in advance or a few days before your departure, you can face the unexpected.

If you find yourself having to cancel your Alaska Airlines flight against your will, chances are you’ll get a refund, and you can even get back the fees you paid for airport taxes, if you choose to take out travel insurance such as Alianz Travel before departure.

Health costs, repatriation, cancellation, reimbursement, … If you plan to travel, insurance now covers all eventualities. What you need to know before you go.

You can also take out additional insurance that will cover you for the duration of your trip. Alaska Airlines, for its part, suggests contracts with Allianz Travel insurance.

Get trip cancellation insurance with Alaska Airlines

This insurance offers options for cancellation, reimbursement of flights, and assistance in the event of quarantine.

You can do this to protect yourself against the risk of flight cancellations when booking online on the American company’s website. If not, you can also add it after booking.

By choosing to insure your trip with Allianz Travel, you benefit from comprehensive coverage before, during and after your trip with Alaska Airlines:

– You get a refund of all taxes that are not refundable;

– You benefit from medical protection and full support in the event of an incident;

– You benefit from compensation in the event of delay or loss or compensation that your luggage may suffer;

– You are protected against trip delays and cancellations.

Add travel insurance: How much does it cost you?

There are as many rates as there are situations: the cost of insurance depends on the age of the traveler, his destination and the price of the on-site healthcare system and the length of stay.

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