All plans and payment methods offered by American Airlines

Are you going to take an American Airlines flight soon and want to know more about the different payment methods offered on its online booking platform? If you plan to book a plane ticket soon on or on the American Airlines mobile application, be aware that the national airline accepts that you pay for your reservations using:

– American Airlines Credit Card

You can use the American Airlines credit card to pay for your tickets. It also gives you access to exclusive offers and benefits, including loyalty points, access to lounges and special offers.

– American Express

The American Express card allows you to earn points on all purchases made with it, including plane tickets offered by American Airlines. Miles points can be exchanged for free tickets and other services. When you use your card to purchase your ticket, you receive up to one hundred bonus points. The more you spend, the more points you earn, and the more free services and benefits you get.

– Diners Club

The Diners Club card allows you to pay directly on the American Airlines website. Customers who wish to use their Diners Club card have the choice of paying directly in the American company’s mobile application or website or going to its agencies/ticket offices. As soon as the payment is validated, the card will be debited.

– Discover

Your payments at American Airlines can be made with Discover, this credit card offers a wide selection of benefits and services, and allows you to pay for your online reservations, your car rental, hotel stays and even Gift Certificates, …


The JCB application integrates the acceptance of proximity or VAD JCB cards. Once the JCB application has been downloaded and initialized on your mobile, all you have to do is type in the amount of the transaction and insert the JCB card either as a chip card or as a track card if there is no chip to make payments at American Airlines offices and agencies.

– Mastercard

The Mastercard credit card allows you to pay for your flight online, by phone or at a travel agency. The cost of using this service is cheap and there are no additional charges.

Official partner of American Airlines, Mastercard offers a simple way to make payments by credit card. Payments can be made in USD and other currencies.

To use this payment method, simply select Mastercard as the payment method when submitting your booking details.

When you use this card to pay your booking fees, you earn mile points that you can convert into various benefits and even free plane tickets.


Discover the advantages of paying for your purchases with Visa when booking airline tickets on With this easy-to-use online payment option, you can pay by credit card or debit card to pay for your American Airlines reservations while ensuring that your personal and VISA card information is protected.

– UATP Card

Use the UATP Virtual Card to purchase your flight tickets from American Airlines by making payments online. The American Airlines UATP Virtual card is accepted at all travel agencies and you can also use it to pay for hotel reservations and car rentals on the American Airlines online booking portal.

– Union Pay

UnionPay cards can be used to make fast and secure payments online at, at any participating bank ATM or in person at an American Airlines outlet. If you pay for your tickets by this card, please ensure that it is accepted as an international form of payment.

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