Modify or change a flight ticket with American Airlines: Manage your reservation online

Need to reschedule or change a flight with American Airlines? American Airlines is always looking to provide greater autonomy to customers by allowing them to choose a new date for their trip without having to call the call center or go to the physical points of contact.
When the traveler is informed of the modification or cancellation of his flight, he can accept or modify the alternative offered by the airline, in a process that takes less than three minutes, from the digital channels enabled for this purpose.

Looking for the best way to manage your American Airlines flight reservation? Then, you just have to opt for its Manage Bookings online tool. This feature allows you to choose the flights according to your needs and preferences. You can also check seat availability for different dates, times and routes. Moreover, you can modify your current flight status, as you can also modify your existing reservations without having to cancel them.

American Airlines offers the passenger the possibility of modifying or canceling their flight, whatever the reason. However, a penalty applies.

How do I change a flight or reservation made with American Airlines?

For passengers who are obliged to change their plane tickets issued by American Airlines, whether for personal reasons or others, they can of course change a flight with the United States airline. As a result, they can change the date, time or route of the flight, with or without charge.

Indeed, certain fare conditions apply to flight changes with this air carrier, depending on how you purchased your ticket.

So many changes can be made to an American Airlines flight booking including departure day, destination or passenger name (correction). On this section, you can also cancel a flight, or add additional passengers or upgrade your ticket.

Rebook an American Airlines flight

To do this, you must enter the “My trips” section, whether on the website or open the mobile application, and access the Manage Booking section. Once in this space, check the original route concerned.

Then choose the most convenient alternative for the passenger. Finish the rearrangement on the Save and Commit changes button.

This service will allow any American Airlines traveler to change:

– Reservations with one or more passengers

– Reservations with issued ticket

– Reservations having made the outward flight and not yet having made the return flight

– Reservations redeemed with miles

– Reservations created by a travel agency provided they have the reservation number or reference on them.

What is the booking reference number?

It is also known as Passenger Name Record (PNR). It is a six-digit alphanumeric code that appears after the booking reference field on your ticket. This information is used to identify you during check-in and boarding. For more information on how to use it, please see our help section. And it is this code that must be entered when logging into your account on the Manage Booking section.

Modifying a plane ticket essentially depends on how the passenger bought it. To make a change to

your flight date, you have three options:

– At a ticket office

In case the passenger loses his reservation reference, he must go to the American Airlines office. It is also possible to call the airline’s call center to inquire about the possibility of making a change or modification to a reservation.

– From a travel agency

In the event that you purchased your ticket through a travel agency, you are invited to request the change of your itinerary or your flight date from this agency.

Change an American Airlines reservation over the phone

Have you booked an Air France flight and want to change your ticket? You can then contact customer service. There are several options available to you for this. Indeed, you can reach him by phone, by mail or by Internet.

If you wish to change an American Airlines flight reservation, then you can reach customer service by dialing 800.43.373.00.

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