Seat selection and choice on American Airlines flights

Which seat to choose on the plane? On their next American Airlines flight, each passenger has the option of choosing their seat on the plane or changing the location of a seat that was automatically assigned to them when booking, but for this there is a fee to be paid. if his plane ticket does not include this option.

Choosing your seat on American Airlines: Here is the fare to pay

The fees to be paid to select a seat on a flight served by American Airlines are estimated at $10 per trip, but this price varies according to the class of travel chosen by the passenger, or even the air link.

Normally, American Airlines can take care of the seat selection for its passengers, but if the latter are not satisfied with the choice of their air operator, then they must proceed to the selection of their own seats, and this is possible from the American Airlines website or mobile application, on the Manage Booking section.

Choosing your seat on an American Airlines flight: Is it always free?

You can choose your seat at check-in completely free of charge if you book with the Preferred or Main Cabin Extra fare. You will receive an email with all the necessary information.

Passengers with priority in preferential seat selection are Sapphire and Oneworld Emerald members, passengers booking AAdvantage A Anytime and Business Extra award tickets or those choosing full fare.

Aadvantage rewards program also have their places in this list, including active US military personnel.

If you have already checked in, American Airlines may not be able to select or change your seat selection.

Traveling by plane with American Airlines: How to choose the best seat in the cabin?

For passengers wishing to take an American Airlines flight who need to sit in a seat with more legroom on the plane or a seat where motion sickness is at its lowest, there is seats on the plane that provide exactly that level of comfort.

Air travel can be quite uncomfortable. There may be little space for his legs, the traveler may feel pain in his neck especially if he takes a long haul. Some passengers find themselves having to get up all the time because the person sitting next to them has to go to the toilet all the time. These are unpleasant situations that can be avoided if you carefully choose your seat on the plane.

– Seats for passengers afraid to fly

As calm as the flight is, do you still have some basic jitters and every little jolt makes your heart beat faster, gives your stomach a nervous twinge and makes your palms sweaty? For your safe peace of mind, Airplane accidents are extremely rare. But, yes, we know that when you’re on a plane, even that thought doesn’t help anymore.

The right seat, on the other hand, can be. Statistics show that the middle seats in the last row are the safest. There, the death rate in an accident does not exceed twenty eight percent.

– Seats for passengers with a vulnerability to air travel

Are you one of the passengers with a stomach that contracts as soon as there is even slight turbulence on the plane? Then you need a seat on the wings. Because that’s where you feel the least turbulence.

The quietest seat is over the wings near the aircraft’s center of gravity. The most wobbly seats are usually in the back.

– Which seats are suitable for long-legged passengers

Passengers with knees that are only a few millimeters from the backrest of the person in front of them when they sit upright and as soon as they lower the backrest, they can feel claustrophobic. These travelers must therefore ensure that they obtain a seat at one of the emergency exits.

Because the seats there are more spacious than all the others on the plane. In the event of an extremely unlikely emergency, all passengers will need to use these rows of seats to exit.

– Sit next to the porthole

Doesn’t it scratch your throat a bit? And this tingling in the nose is the guarantee of announcing the next flu. If you think the next infection is around every corner and disinfectant gel is your constant companion in your hand luggage, you should book a window seat (window side).

Air travelers who sit close to a window and don’t get up during the flight have the best chance of staying healthy.

– Window seats are also ideal for passengers who like to sleep during the flight

If you’re one of those enviable people who just have to sit in their seat and doze off before the security briefing, you should definitely choose a window seat.

Because it not only has the advantage of not being woken up every time your neighbor wants to get up, you can also lean your head more or less comfortably against the cubicle wall when you sleep, so that she does not constantly switch from left to right and over tense neck muscles.

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