Name Change or Correction on an American Airlines Flight Reservation: Policy and Fees

If you wish to change the name of the passenger on a reservation made with American Airlines, you must pay a fee per person, per route. Once the trip has started, you will not be able to change your name.

Wrong name on flight ticket booking? American Airlines allows you to modify or change it under conditions.

Getting confused when writing the name when booking a plane ticket leads to additional costs. Changing a typo to avoid having problems later on boarding if the reservation does not match the ID can cost a minimum of $25.

While noting that changing or correcting a name on an American Airlines reservation is only possible if the ticket offers flexibility (refundable ticket for example).

What if the passenger misspelled their name?

In case the name is misspelled due to the omission or addition of a letter to the name or surname (for example, Robetro and not Roberto. The passenger can change it through the official page of American Airlines or by calling the Contact Center, at no additional cost, within 24 hours of booking.

In the event that this period has expired, the change will have an additional cost. However, the change penalty can be avoided by contracting the Fully Flexible rate.

What is the Fully Flexible Fee?

This is an option that allows you to change the date, time or section of the itinerary without paying any penalty, you only have to pay the difference fare difference if applicable.

The service, the cost of which is between $25 and $150, is only valid if contracted during the booking process.

Changing the name: In what situation?

American Airlines authorizes its passengers to rectify errors made when entering their surnames/first names during the reservation of their flights online, and sometimes to change or replace them in the following cases:

– Name fix: Ability to change three characters only

– Full name change in case of marriage or divorce

– Add or remove a second name

– Change first or middle name

– Reverse the location of the first and last name in the booking form

Request the modification or correction of your name by telephone

The rate to be paid depends on the type of rate contracted. Also, on some occasions the price is lower if the exchange is online, but sometimes it will not be possible to make the desired changes online, so the passenger should contact their airline’s customer service, which is always accessible at the following number: 800-433-7300.

Change of name on an American Airlines plane ticket due to marriage

If you’re getting married soon, chances are you’ll be taking a honeymoon flight. If you booked a flight under your maiden name, you may want to consider replacing your name on the ticket with your new last name. This way, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your passport when traveling abroad.

As a general rule, airline ticket name changes or transfer to another person are not permitted.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you are traveling overseas, you can ask the airline to do the name change for you. And if you’re traveling within Canada, you can request a name change on your ticket.

For international flights, you must provide proof of marriage such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate. In addition, you must present proof of divorce or death of the previous spouse.
In some cases, American Airlines may allow you to change your name on a ticket if you are traveling with children.

You can always check directly with the airline to see if they allow name changes.

Cancellation of flight reservation

American Airlines offers the ability to cancel a reservation, however does not refund tickets if they do not include a refund option.

To do this, the traveler must go to the American Airlines website, then go to the Manage Reservation Section, and cancel their reservation with one click.

Modification or change of flight date

Unlike a change of name, which is subject to strict conditions, and in many cases impossible, the passenger has the possibility of modifying his date of travel. Free or paid? It basically depends on the fare of his flight. For example, plane tickets reserved in business class or in First Class, or in Economy Class but with a preferential rate can be modified.

Otherwise, the service is totally free for those who change their departure date within the first twenty-four hours (24 hours) following the flight reservation.

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