Cancellation of American Airlines flight reservation before departure

American Airlines offers the traveler the option of canceling a flight without penalty. Every passenger who has a reservation with this airline can cancel it and request a refund. The good news is that this procedure can be done online, either on the website, or from the American company’s mobile application. By opening it, you must log in to your passenger account where you can manage the reservation of your flight or cancel it.

A fee is charged for each American Airlines flight reservation cancellation request

If American Airlines is the one canceling your flight, they must refund your entire flight, you are not required to pay compensation. However, if you cancel a flight for any reason, you will have to pay the corresponding costs unless the cancellation takes place within 24 hours of the purchase of your ticket.

American Express flight cancellation policy: When is it possible to get a refund?

American Airlines’ cancellation policy also states tickets that include a refund option, but are canceled twenty-four hours or more before departure do not entitle the passenger to their money back, but have vouchers whose value corresponds to the amount of his refund, and which can be used to make other reservations with the American company.

For passengers who have booked a non-refundable flight, they can cancel it, but a penalty will be applied to them, varying from 100 to 400 dollars.

If there is a possibility of reimbursement, the passenger receives his money by the same option he chose to pay for his reservation (Paypal, American Express, Visa, …).

Want to cancel your trip but can’t find your reservation on To find your Booking reservation, in order to be able to view, modify or cancel it, you must first go to the website of your air carrier.

After logging into your personal space using your last name and your booking reference, you can access your bookings and cancel them at any time.

Canceling a flight reservation with American Airlines: How to perform the procedure?

American Airlines is the best known of the international airlines. Known in particular for the great diversity of destinations it offers, it also offers great flexibility to travelers. However, the cancellation conditions may vary depending on the travel offers, and you can quickly get lost. Booked a trip on but now have to cancel it? Here’s how you should do it.

When you make a reservation on, know that you very often benefit from great flexibility.

When you book a flight with this airline, it is important to first read its cancellation conditions.

To cancel your reservation, you have several options:

– You can cancel your reservation by telephone on 8004.33.7300

– You can cancel your reservation directly from your customer area, on the American Airlines website, from the Manage Reservation section.

Buy travel insurance: Get a full refund even for a last-minute cancellation

When your plane ticket is non-refundable, you cannot recover the price of your reservation, even by canceling your trip.

However, if you have taken out travel cancellation insurance, it is possible to recover compensation. It all depends on the specific reimbursement conditions mentioned in your insurance policy.

Some insurance plans, such as the one offered by Allianz Trip Insurance, official partner of American Airlines, actually allow you to cancel your trip for different reasons. For example: dismissal, cancellation of paid leave, accident, burglary, illness, …

What is the price of insurance?

To have cancellation insurance, you only need to pay $65 to benefit from coverage of up to $3,000 in the event that you find yourself forced to cancel your trip with American Airlines for various reasons.

Take out travel cancellation insurance: What are the advantages for the passenger?

Vacations and air travel cannot be improvised. It’s a mature project, for which you have taken time off, taken the time to plan everything.

That you have your identity papers stolen 6 days before the long-awaited departure. Much to your regret, you have to say goodbye to the turquoise beaches of the West Indies or the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Your vacation is paid, yes, but you have to cancel your flight, your hotel, your stay and you want to be reimbursed.

Whether it’s a stay, a flight, a vacation rental, or even an excursion booked in advance, service providers often apply cancellation fees, regardless of either the reason that forced you to give up your trip. This is where travel cancellation insurance comes in. This is precisely used to obtain reimbursement of the costs withheld by the tour operator or rental company.

The advantages of travel cancellation insurance are therefore multiple:

– You prepare your trip more serenely: you know that even in the event of a hard blow, you are protected;

– You do not lose the money you have invested in organizing your trip;

– By taking out cancellation cover as part of comprehensive travel insurance, you benefit from 100% coverage of actual costs in the event of hospitalization, repatriation and luggage insurance. The complete package for a carefree holiday.

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